Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve Studio 16 Public Beta 2 Released

Blackmagic Design announced the all new DaVinci Resolve 16 at NAB 2019, and now just a month later, they are making improvements with a public beta 2 release. The new Beta 2 release adds general performance improvements and enhancements to both the free DaVinci Resolve 16 as well as the paid Studio version.

Blackmagic Design also announced a new, dedicated keyboard for Resolve, which is scheduled to ship sometime towards the end of the Summer. As a refresher, the new DaVinci Resolve 16 adds a new Cut Page specifically designed for editors that need to work quickly and on tight deadlines, as well as full integration among a ton of other new features and improvements. For more details see this post here.

What’s New in Resolve 16 Beta 2

  • Improvements
    • support for actions using keyboard shortcuts in Cut page
    • performance and stability when rendering mask shapes when using the Metal GPU processing mode in Fusion page
    • GPU performance for Duplicate tool in Fusion page
    • Improved GPU performance for MotionBlur options in Fusion tools
    • Improved zoom behaviour in the keyframe and spline panels in the Fusion page
    • Improved performance when performing audio only renders
    • Improved support for reading EXIF metadata
    • Improved scripting API with ability to call GetCurrentTimecode() during playback
    • Support for toggling between timeline and source viewer modes in the Cut page
    • Support for unlinking clips in the media pool
    • Support for syncing annotations added in Resolve to
  • Issues addressed in Beta 2:
    • Fixed crashes on startup for some Windows laptops with Intel graphics along with discrete GPUs
    • Addressed an issue where opening a new or saved project on some Windows laptops with discrete GPUs would cause a crash
    • Addressed multiple issues with GPU memory full errors in some Windows systems
    • Addressed an issue with importing AAFs with frame rates different from the project frame rate
    • Addressed an issue where multi-cams containing compound clips would show blank frames on the viewer
  • Cut Page improvements:
    • Addressed an issue with inconsistent timeline scroll directions in the Cut page when using a trackpad
    • Addressed an issue where offline media would not be shown with the correct colour in the Cut page
    • Addressed an issue where the volume icon would not correctly reflect the Mute status in the Cut page
    • Addressed an issue where moving tracks up or down in the Edit timeline would not be reflected correctly in the Cut timeline
    • Addressed an issue where snapping would not be consistently applied for roll edits in the Cut timeline
    • Addressed an issue where inserting clips at the start of timeline would not work correctly in the Cut page
    • Addressed an issue where selecting audio transitions in the Cut page would cause a crash
    • Addressed an issue where trimming gaps in the Cut page would sometimes cause a crash
    • Addressed an issue where the range editor would sometimes show blank waveforms on the Cut page
    • Addressed an issue where clip thumbnails would sometimes not be refreshed correctly after trim operations in the Cut page

For more details on all improvements and fixes in Resolve 16 Beta 2 head over to Blackmagic Design.

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