Rotolight TITAN X2: Redefining Cinematic LED Lighting

New for IBC 2019, award-winning UK-based professional LED lighting manufacturer Rotolight is redefining cinematic LED lighting with the new Rotolight Titan X2. A ground-breaking LED soft light, Titan X2 utilizes state-of-the-art RGBWW technology to provide unparalleled light output, outstanding colour accuracy for gorgeous skin tones, and a suite of industry-first features designed to enhance the creative possibilities of lighting professionals.

Designed and manufactured in the UK to uncompromising aerospace standards, the Rotolight Titan X2 represents the very latest in LED technology in a sleek yet robust package; engineered to last.

Boasting more than impressive max light output of 16,800 lux at 1m with no diffusion, the Titan X2 is pitched “as the brightest 2×1 soft light ever made with none of the added weight”, providing enough power to adapt to any lighting situation and provides industry-leading performance across the entire CCT spectrum all the way from 2800K up to 10,000K.

Perfect for high speed work, the Rotolight Titan X2 is entirely flicker-free at any shutter angle or intensity.

Rotolight Titan X2 RGBWW LED IBC 2019

Images by Rotolight

Rotolight Titan X2 Features

  • Super-bright 2×1 Soft LED Light
  • Full RGBWW colour gamut
    • with Hue, Saturation and Diffusion Control
  • 2,800 to 10,000 continuously variable CCT
  • TLCI = 98/CRI = 95+
    • CRI at 5600K >95
    • CRI at 3200K >95
    • CRI at Skintone R15 = 98
  • 68 to 150 degrees beam angle (electronically variable)
  • Focus and spread with SmartSoft™ diffusion technology
  • Touchscreen display with quick-start icons
    • and 10 user presets for fast set up
  • Award-winning suite of CineSFX™ Built-in Effects
    • Fire, Lightning, TV, Paparazzi, and more
  • Superior colour rendition saves time in post-production
  • IP20 protection / 50,000 hours Estimated LED Lifetime
  • 0-100% continuous dimming
  • 0 – 2 stops continuous diffusion (0%- 100%)
  • Lightweight for its class: 10.6kg for Titan X2 body
  • Ships in November 2019

Titan X2 RGBWW Rotolight

The Titan X2 features the patent-pending SmartSoft™ technology, thanks to which gaffers and cinematographers can now electronically adjust the light’s diffusion, focus and spread; providing unrivalled control whilst eliminating the need for gels.

A revolution in lighting control, saving both time and money, SmartSoft™ can be adjusted locally on the light, via DMX or wirelessly. With the largest light aperture of any 2 x 1 fixture, Titan X2’s gorgeous soft output wraps flatteringly around subjects and avoids sharp shadows.

RGBWW Rotolight Titan X2 LED

Featuring a toughened LCD touchscreen display with an intuitive, fast and responsive user interface, Titan X2 exemplifies ease of use and saves time on set. Lighting professionals no longer need to navigate through complex sub-menus, instead able to access key features with a single touch thanks to quick-start icons and up to 10 user customisable presets for instant recall.

For the first time, the full-colour display enables on-screen previews of the Titan X2’s extensive filter library allowing cinematographers to achieve the exact colour they want and eliminating the guesswork.

Rotolight Titan X2 on set

Images by Rotolight

Rotolight’s expertly engineered PentaChromic Colour Engine™ guarantees beautiful, precise skin tones, colour accuracy, and vivid colour saturation has been developed using cutting-edge RGBWW technology.

With high CRI numbers of 95+ and TLCI performance of 98, the Titan X2 gives cinematographers access to an incredible palette of over 16.7 million vibrant colours in seconds, all accessible across five lighting modes: CCT, HSI, RGBW, XY and Filter which includes a comprehensive library of more than 1300 industry standard gels.

Titan X2 is also packed with built-in effects such as Fire, Lightning, TV, Gunshot, Paparazzi and more, which eliminates the need for expensive, time consuming legacy ‘flicker-box’ workflows. Designed in conjunction with Stefan Lange, Visual FX veteran (Batman, James Bond ‘Skyfall’, Tomb Raider), the patented CineSFX™ suite utilizes Titan’s RGB colour engine to deliver realistic full colour lighting effects; providing endless creative possibilities on set.

As well as being the perfect fixture for cinematographers and broadcasters, the Titan X2 is also a powerful tool in the arsenal of any pro photographer shooting portraits, offering High Speed Sync flash (1/8000th) with a powerful output and zero recycle time. Featuring an integrated Elinchrom Skyport flash receiver, up to ten Titan X2’s can be wirelessly triggered at up to 656ft (200m) with the Rotolight HSS transmitter, available for all major camera brands.

Uniquely versatile, Titan X2 is equipped as standard with wired/wDMX, Bluetooth (for app control) and integrated LumenRadio compatibility (both coming as an upgrade in Q1 2020), Elinchrom Skyport flash receiver and RJ45, providing full control straight out of the box.

With best-in-class energy efficiency, the Titan X2 is a compelling companion for shooting both in studio and on location. Compact yet robust, Titan features four secure aluminium handles for effortless rigging and is available with a variety of mounting options. Individually hand-calibrated and crafted using the highest quality materials, Titan X2 will deliver consistently outstanding performance and years of reliable service.

See Titan in action at IBC 2019 on booth 12.E37, or visit for more information. The Titan X2 is scheduled to ship in November 2019 is available for pre-order now.

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