How Does the Brand New 16″ MacBook Pro Handle 4K Video Editing?

We’ve been used to big keynotes and “one more thing…” revelations by Apple, so it may seem strange to have such an important product come to life with a simple website refresh. Luckily for us, there’s the Internet ready to take on the mantle and keep the hype up.

Many bloggers and YouTubers have been testing and reviewing the brand new 16″ MacBook Pro. One of our most trusted and reliable sources for reviews is undoubtedly Max Yuryev, so here is his first test of the latest 16″MacBook Pro.

So, it may be big dismay to most of those that purchased a Mac in the last few months, but it is not such a big surprise announcement.

After all, it was almost a year since the first rumors have been circulating about such a machine. Anyhow, Max begins with some synthetic benchmarks where he tests the baseline 16″ against a specced out 15″.

The price difference is quite relevant here, it’s about a thousand bucks give or take. That saving lands us a comparable CPU, same SSD, half the RAM, and a newer GPU. Right off the bat, the 16″ appears to be an excellent choice, we’ll see if the new GPUs are a real upgrade from the previous generation.

It seems that the better thermal configuration that Apple adopted is effective, granting a slightly better performance in Cinebench. We’re talking of an 8% difference, not enormous, but not even negligible.

Blackmagic’s disk test is more than positive: Resolutions up to 8K are within reach, even if limited in frame rates. A pretty solid performance! We all know that while important to define a baseline, benchmarks are not so important after all. We as content creators are much more concerned with performance inside our NLE of choice.

So, considering this is the baseline 16″, and that we are rivaling the top-spec we could choose, aside from the SSD, right until a week ago, the performance is more than adequate, yet a bit disappointing at the same time.

At least for those who shelled out $3K+ for a brand new MBP in the last few months. The 16″ keeps up with, and sometimes even surpasses, the previous model. A few seconds here and there, but again, we’re talking of a baseline model against a top of the line one.

Even timeline performance seems to be on par: Final Cut does not break a sweat while playing 4K Raw footage from a C200. RED footage seems to put a dent in this tank.

The GPU and CPU are going to full throttle with sufficient results, but it’s also true that such a new machine still needs some optimization on the software side.

Drawing our first conclusions, the improvement that Apple gained in a generation is noticeable. And that is not with the usual Apple Tax on top! The simple price point makes it palatable to anyone who’s thinking of upgrading. So, let us know what are your thoughts on the topic below.

[source: Max Yuryev]

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