How Good is the Teradek Bolt 4K Wireless HD Video Transmission?

We all know the advantages of using a wireless video system when filming on set. Not only does such a setup give us the freedom and flexibility to move flawlessly on set, but it can also save a ton of time by eliminating the need of running long stretches of cabling all over the place. Reliability seems to be a whole different story, though.

From random obstructions and interference to complete loss of signal in certain situations and everything in between, wireless video transmission can pose a myriad of challenges that can turn your life on set into a real nightmare. This is where the Teradek Bolt 4K comes in. With the innovative processing methods that the system incorporates, it can transmit a sharper, cleaner HD image thanks to the new chipset design and innovative technology it packs under the hood. Let’s take a look.

In the video above, we can easily evaluate how does the Bolt 4K wireless transmission hold up against an SDI cabled setup. Both comparison images utilize identical 1920×1080 ProRes 422 HQ source material, one through an SDI cable directly into a recorder (on the left) and one transmitted through a Bolt 4K, in HD, with the SDI output recorded on the receiver side.

If you are a pixel peeper by nature and want to look at the smallest details, you can click below to see substracted differences of both images in full resolution without any YouTube compression applied whatsoever.

As a rule, RF signal quality is always going to fluctuate due to random obstructions and interference. These RF challenges are going to produce errors in the information received. Bolt 4K’s new chipset, however, corrects these errors and allows the receiver to output visually lossless, higher quality video with almost zero latency.

According to Teradek, the Bolt 4K’s processing ensures all information is delivered to the receiver, rather than a sending a compressed HEVC/H.264 video like most traditional compression engines which are heavily dependent on their effective channel bitrate. This workflow results in a visually lossless image, comparable to running an SDI cable which can be easily confirmed by the comparison above.

What do you guys think about this test? Let us know in the comments below.

[source: Teradek]

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