What Makes the Aputure 300D II So Popular Among Filmmakers?

The modern filmmaking scene has evolved by leaps and bounds. Staple brands disappear while new technologies and new players rise to dominate the market. One brand that did make a name for itself in just a few years is without a doubt Aputure.

The company raised relatively quickly if you consider that it was born in 2005, and it’s now the manufacturer that you look at when searching for a light that is high-quality at a reasonable price, innovative and always on the bleeding edge of the newest technology.

But one of the most popular fixtures in Aputure’s lineup is not among those fancy RGB lights they introduced last year. It’s the 300D MkII, a single LED daylight-only light. How comes? Greg of LensProToGo has been asking the same question while providing the answer in the video below.

The Aputure 300D MkII is the perfect example of why this company is so popular among filmmakers. It has clearly been designed by people that get their hands dirty on set, daily. There are so many small improvements and attention to detail, and most of all, there’s a response to customer’s feedback.

First, take the body of the light: it’s made of aircraft-grade aluminum, light and solid, but couldn’t rotate completely on the MkI because of the yolk’s arm that was too short. The company listened to the customers and now it’s fully rotating.

But still, this light has a fixed daylight color temperature, so how is it so popular now that we have a lot of RGB fixtures? Let’s start with the design. The unit is composed of two separate parts: the actual LED and the ballast.

This means that you can easily get your light up high or in tight corners and still control it from the base that will be on the ground. This is both a pro and a con at the same time, but on set that is going to be a handy feature.

The color rendition is top-level anyway, the bulb is a 95+ CRI index, and is kept in place by an extra-sturdy lever that locks in place and handles even high loads, like light modifiers. And by the way, thanks to the Bowens mount, almost all light-modifiers can be mounted on top of it.

Furthermore, the ballast can be powered by both batteries and AC. There’s a handy V-lock mount on the side as well, plus the unit comes with a paracord loop that can be strapped to a stand or even clamped thanks to the complimentary mount attachment.

Beyond that, the light comes with a small wireless remote that can manage the light beam in five different groups. You can dim the unit or turn it on and off. Now imagine a set with multiple lights, you could adjust everything with just the tip of your finger.

And if that is not enough there is even an app: since the whole communication happens on a 2.4Ghz network, through the app you have granular control on the 5 groups. That is a lot for just $1,099! Surely that is another plus point that makes it a favorite item amongst many filmmakers.

Well, it seems like there’s more than one reason to have this light (and the wonderful and compact carrying case)! There’s a huge value in this package after all!

[source: LensProToGo]

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