Speed Ramp Audio Hack in Premiere Pro CC

Slow motion and audio don’t mix too well. It gets even worse if you try doing speed ramps mid video in Premiere Pro CC. Anyone who has done it in Premiere has realized that the audio doesn’t match up with your video when you add some ramps, which can be extremely frustrating if you actually want to keep your audio in the final video.

There is a trick to get this to work, and it doesn’t require going back and forth with After Effects to do it. Kyler Holland is the one who is sharing his tip on how to get this done.

Using a clip of himself diving into a pool he quickly demonstrates the problem. Adding the simple effect with speed ramping shows how the video is very responsive on the timeline, but the audio remains static. It does require some careful work to get right.

First, once you find the point where you want to add the ramp you should make a cut in the audio. Make sure to mark a point on the video so you know where you are making the edit.

Do the same thing where you want the speed ramp to end. Then, in those points, he adds a speed change and smooth out the transition using keyframes so that you aren’t just jumping directly into the speed change. That can look quite jarring to the audience.

I’m sure many of you see where this is going. To match the audio up you can use the Rate Stretch tool (shortcut R) and drag the audio to match the speed ramp.

Add a standard audio transition and there you have it. It is a simple way to get it done. You can even do this multiple times in a single clip, just make sure to mark all your points.

Definitely easy. Definitely works. But, Holland points out that After Effects does handle advanced speed changes better because the audio remains attached. If you are throwing together a YouTube video, probably a nice little fix. If you are working for a client, probably best to handle it in After Effects.

Are you going to use this in your next speed ramps? Or do you have a better way?

[source: Kyler Holland]

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