How to Fix Corrupted MP4 Files on Android?

You may have ran into a problem of inaccessible or choppy playing MP4 videos on an Android smartphone. Mostly, it is due to file corruption that won’t let MP4 videos play on Android. Either you receive an error or the videos will play jerky, show black screen, produce no sound, etc. So why MP4 files get corrupted on Android?

There can be several reasons for MP4 file corruption such as MP4 file is not downloaded completely, android SD card has been corrupted, abrupt disconnect while downloading or transferring MP4 file, virus infection in smartphone, malicious app on your Android and more.

Whatever is the cause, it is an annoying experience to not able to watch videos on your Android phone. Thankfully, there are repair tools that can fix corrupt MP4 video files. Here, we share the best four methods to fix corrupted MP4 videos on Android and computers.

Ways to fix corrupted MP4 files from Android phone

  • MP4Fix – Android Video Repair Tool
  • Stellar Repair for Video
  • VLC Media Player
  • Hex editor program

You can apply these methods to fix corrupt MP4 files on any Android smartphone, be it Samsung, LG, Motorola, or others.

1. MP4Fix – Android video repair app

MP4Fix is an Android app to repair corrupt MP4 videos on mobile phone. The mobile app works on videos recorded with your phone camera. It fixes corrupt MP4 files that are broken due to Camera app crash, dead battery, or lack of memory.
You can even repair large-sizedMP4 fileson Android that may be about Gigabytes in size.

Before saving the repaired video, you can preview it on the smartphone. By default, the repaired MP4 file gets saved at the corrupt video file location on your mobile phone. However, the Android video repair app cannot fix MP4 files downloaded from the Internet or videos corrupted due to damaged SD card. You can install MP4Fix from Google Play Store on your mobile device.

2. Stellar Repair for Video for corrupt MP4 files

You can repair Android MP4 videos on PC or Mac using Stellar Repair for Video. It is a desktop video repair tool with much-advanced repair capabilities compared to Android MP4 repair tool. It can easily fix broken, choppy, green screen, truncated, out-of-sync, and other issues in a video file.

Unlike MP4Fix app, Stellar Repair for Video can repair videos recorded with Android Camera app as well as those downloaded from other sources. Whether your damaged video file was shared on WhatsApp, SHAREit, or downloaded from Internet, the software works with all.

It completes the MP4 video repair process in three steps – Add File, Repair, and Preview& Save. You can fix unlimited number of corrupt or damaged MP4 videos in a single repair cycle.

3. Repair MP4 videos by using VLC Media Player

Try VLC Media Player to repair corrupt MP4 videos from Android phone. VLC player has a built-in AVI fix feature. You can change the file extension of an MP4 video to AVI to repair it using VLC Media Player.
Follow the below steps to repair corrupt MP4 video from Android using VLC Media Player:

  • Transfer the damaged MP4 file from your Android phone to computer.
  • Change the file extension from .mp4 to .avi.
  • Now open this AVI file in VLC Media Player.
  • Click to follow Tools > Preference>Input & Codecs
  • Go to Damagedor incomplete AVI file. From the drop-down, select Always fix.
  • Click Save. Now play the repaired video on your computer.

4. Hex Editor Program for MP4 file repair

Repair corrupted Android MP4 video using Hex editor tool. Hex editors are programs that display video file data in binary digits (0 and1). You can compare the binary data of a corrupt and working video file in the program and then manually change the corrupt file data.

This method requires you to be familiar with hexadecimal codes to repair MP4 videos in a Hex editor program. The Hex editors are good to repair videos that are not playing due to corrupt file header. Some Hex editing programs that you may use are Hex Fiend, HxD, HexEd, and others.

Don’t’s to prevent MP4 video corruption on Android

  • Don’t record videos when mobile phone has low battery.
  • Don’t record videos when phone memory is full.
  • Don’t remove the Android SD card during ongoing file transfer.
  • Don’t download insecure and malicious apps on your smartphone.

To Sum up

The best way to repair corrupted MP4 files from Android is with the help of a professionalvideo repair tool such as Stellar Repair for Video.VLC Media Player and Hex Editor are helpful but they have certain limitations.

You cannot repair more than one MP4 video at a time and severe video corruption mostly goes unresolved. MP4Fix app on Android can only repair MP4 videos recorded with your smartphone camera.

It does not repair other corrupted MP4 videos shared via WhatsApp, Hangouts, or downloaded online from any site. Moreover, professional video repair software is fast and apt for even those of you who have no technical knowhow.

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