Building a Smart Rig for the Pocket 6K (Pro)

Building out a rig is a common theme for ultra-compact camera systems, such as the Blackmagic Pocket series. Recently, boosted by the launch of the Pocket 6K Pro – which happens to share many similarities with the existing 4K and 6K models – it could be useful to check out some rigs for making the most of the cameras with various stabilizers and shooting styles.

Filmmaker Piero Istrice has his own take on a “smart rig” for the Pocket series that makes it super quick (~2 minutes) to go from handheld to gimbal – a common use for the compact camera.

The key is that the conversion from gimbal to handheld use is completely toolless. You will need some key accessories to get it working though. Also, this setup uses the DJI Ronin-S gimbal.

Since the cage has NATO rails you can connect other accessories you might want. This includes a top handle, an articulating monitor mount, and a monitor. Even a side handle can be added with ease. Piero actually is able to mount the Nucleus control to the top of the handle.

Image Credit: SmallRig

Keeping it juiced up is an ANDYCINE V-Mount Battery Plate mounted to a SmallRig Multipurpose U-Base with a set of 15mm rails. Using a Manfrotto Quick Release Plate compatible with the Ronin-S plate makes this all slide together nice and easy. Pop in a battery and hook up the cables to get going.

Everything being set up with compatible quick release plates and systems means you can break it down and go down to a near barebones configuration or build it up into a full rig or get it set on the Ronin without too much effort and without taking too much time. It’s great. I think most systems can be improved with a couple more quick-release plates.


Image Credit: DJI

Well, it seems that everyone seems to have their own preferred rig for these devices. What’s your take on this type of smart rig for the Blackmagic Pocket Cameras?

[source: Piero Istrice]

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