Meet the Marbl Orbit – A Dope Orbiting Camera Robot Arm

The greatest thing about the past decade of imaging tech is that it continues to come down in price for your average user. Latest to join this trend is an orbiting programmable camera arm called the Marbl Orbit. This isn’t something I ever thought I’d need or want but after seeing it in action it is a nifty item that some might find to be an amazing option for their videos. Plus, the price is reasonable.

Getting the Marbl Orbit made has been a passion project for cinematographer Josh Yeo, from MAKE. ART. NOW. A lot of thought and effort has been put into making the Orbit a useful tool for filmmakers and it seems like an amazing option for select users.

To simplify the explanation of what the Orbit is I’ll just use Yeo’s description: it is a suspended/ceiling-mounted camera system that orbits around people, objects, or environments, at variable speeds and distances. The only catch is that you’ll probably have to screw a mount into your ceiling.

Being a filmmaker, Yeo made sure to account for all the different types of needs one might have while shooting videos. When considering this is a pricey addition to add a solo operator’s kit or studio it’s nice to have one that can fill a variety of roles. To do this he needed to make sure it had a wide range of speeds and positioning options as well as room for accessories that will make the most of of it.

Similar in functionality to other programmable movement devices, like sliders, Yeo made sure to get tweaked equipment to ensure performance optimized for filmmaking. One aspect of this is a “stealth” motor for near silent movement that won’t ruin audio. Under 3 rpm this seems like it will be the case.

Image Credit: Kickstarter

Unsurprisingly, like all tech these days, there will be a mobile app to program a ton of different modes. There is a continuous loop mode and a “Wiper” mode that goes back and forth for just the basics.

There are a few models available, but the base version includes everything you need to start shooting orbiting shots with any camera system weighing up to 6.5 lb. This includes the two adjustable arms and motor capable of running from 1/60 rpm up to 10 rpm – this means you can do smoother product, 3D scans, timelapses, and more with ease. The battery can keep it going up around 8 hours too.

Upgrade options include an LED ring light as well as a laser to mark the exact center position of the Orbit. Plus, you can add your own attachments.

Image Credit: Kickstarter

One advantage of the Pro version is the ability to use it outside of a studio mount. It can be configured to be attached to a set of rails on a couple C-stands.

Think you’ll want it? Make sure to jump on the Kickstarter ASAP. It’s a really cool piece of equipment and could really make a difference for product, vlogging, livestreams, and more.

[source: MAKE. ART. NOW.]

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