How to Easily Create a Hologram Effect in Premiere Pro CC

Anything that can avoid me opening yet another program during my editing is great. Working in Premiere Pro and having to move over to After Effects for a single task is always a nuisance – even with AE being incredibly powerful and effective.

If I can get it done all in one I would prefer that workflow. Did you know that you can actually create something like a hologram effect all in Premiere Pro?

If you want to create this effect yourself, and it looks quite snazzy, you should check out this very quick tutorial from Taou fiQ. And it is done all within Premiere Pro without any plugins.

Raw media consists of simply the footage of your subject interacting with the hologram and a screen recording from the device you are looking to present as the hologram. You’ll need to overlap the rendering where you want it to start/end on the main clip.

Selecting the screen recording, you’ll want to apply a basic crop via the Transform effect to clean up any parts of the video you don’t want in the final product. Cut and edit the clip how you need now as well. And making it a nested sequence is helpful for applying the effect uniformly.

The next effect is a Color Balance (RGB). Using this you should eliminate the red and adjust the green and blue until you get something that feels a bit more “hologram” than just the plain-old recording. It’ll help sell it.

Now you should apply the Wave Warp effect. In this, we will get the look a bit closer to the digital feeling. Change the Wave Type to Smooth Noise, the Direction to 0, and the Wave Speed to ~5.

Image Credit: Adobe

Alpha Glow will help give that, well, glowing look. Going up the 100 on the Glow and potentially even higher for brightness will look good and you should choose a start color in the same blue as the RGB tool.

To position the clip where the hologram should be within the main video you can use the Basic 3D effect. You’ll be able to tilt and swivel. Move it into position as you need by playing around with these options.

Creating a pop-up effect is quite simple. You’ll simply be using keyframes combined with the position and scale functions in the standard Motion tools for the clip. You can do other things too, like have the subject interacting or moving around the hologram using these same tools.

Finally, you’ll want to lower the opacity to sell it. Around 50% and using a blend mode like Color Dodge will help finish it off.

Simple and effective. Can’t complain about that.

[source: Taou fiQ]

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