100TB+ Storage for Your Video Editing Workflow

One of the unexpected costs of video production is storage. When you start shooting high bitrate or Raw video at 4K resolution or higher you’ll notice you quickly start to eat away at all the free space on your hard drives. Even a sizable NAS or RAID array (like 24TB and more even) will diminish faster than you would like. 

If you are fortunate enough to have a NAS or RAID but unfortunate enough to have run out of space there may be an easy solution. Coming from filmmaker Sidney Diongzon is an explanation of a JBOD and how he is using one to boost his NAS’s capacity to over 100TB.

What is a JBOD?

It is quite literally “Just a Bunch Of Disks.” It’s different from a NAS or RAID where storage is very tightly controlled and configured as a single drive even though there are multiples in the unit. JBOD is not as controlled, and it is entirely possible to just use it to dock a bunch of different drives without any rhyme or reason.

In this case, Diongzon is using the JBOD to boost the storage of his existing NAS with the QNAP TL-D800C 8-Bay JBOD Enclosure. This is a capable drive bay with eight bays able to hold most types of drives with ease. There are some RAID options if you want to set it up as such.

This setup actually starts with the NAS and then the controller within that array can sync up with the JBOD and start using it as additional storage. Diongzon even set it up as a RAID independent of the NAS to protect against data loss due to drive failure.

It is a very simple setup. The JBOD connects to the NAS via USB and the NAS is connected to a dock/network. Then you can configure as needed and even access remotely via the networking of the NAS.

Now, this isn’t a solution for pure backup as the ideal will require an off-site copy. Keep that in mind, but if you need to add some storage to an existing NAS you might just be able to take advantage of this method.

[source: Sidney Diongzon]

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