How to Trigger and Sync Multiple Chronos Ultraspeed Cameras

Chronos made something quite useful with the release of their high-speed cameras. You can actually get 1,000 fps in Full HD for a reasonable price with their 2.1-HD model. It can go much higher by dropping the resolution as well. Depending on what you are shooting, perhaps maybe a bullet time effect, you may want to get a few of these cameras running all at the same time.

Coming directly from Chronos Cameras themselves is a quick tutorial on how to sync up a few of their cameras. Besides the obvious requirement to have more than one camera, there isn’t actually all that much required to make this work.

This technique of using a trigger cable and some splitters actually works with as many Chronos cameras as you want. This tutorial only uses two though.

What you need:

  • 2+ Chronos cameras
  • Trigger cable switch
  • BNC extension cable
  • BNC T-connector

The configuration will have a main camera, referred to as a “transmitter,” and the other camera(s) which will be the receiver(s).

On the transmitter camera, you will mount the BNC T-connector. Then you should connect the trigger cable to the T-connector. The other side of the T should host the BNC extension. Once that is done you should take the other side of the BNC extension and attach it to the receiver camera. If you want to add more cameras you’ll just need some more T-connectors.

Image Credit: Krontech

Now you can move to the menu settings. On the transmitter camera head to the trigger I/O menu from the main screen. In the IO 1 section select toggle and select the 20mA Pullup. Hit apply to test out and when you hit the trigger cable you should see the IO 1 option switch from High to Low. Hit Ok.

Moving over to the receiver camera you will again go to the IO 1 menu and match the settings. Hit Toggle and 20mA Pullup. Hit apply and test it out. Now you should have everything running off a single trigger switch cable to start and end the recording. It’s a fairly simple setup to get everything running.

What would you do with a sync’d up set of ultra-high-speed cameras?

[source: Chronos Cameras]

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