Shooting 6K 50fps on the RED KOMODO

RED made something special with the KOMODO. It’s an ultra-compact cinema camera with a Super 35mm sensor and global shutter with all the RED goodies like greater than 4K resolution and REDRAW. It does up to 6K, though that is where you max out the camera’s options and hit limits on things like frame rates. However, RED did offer a range of other options if you can deal with a slightly lower resolution.

As pointed out by filmmaker Mateo Allen, the RED KOMODO actually has an excellent slow motion mode in a 5K 60fps setting. Balancing resolution and speed, this could be a better choice for filmmakers wanting to squeeze the most out of their cameras.

There are plenty of formats available on the RED KOMODO, however, some come with caveats on how they function. One thing is that higher frame rates will end up cropping the sensor since the camera always does a 1:1 pixel readout to get your image and it can only do higher frame rates by reducing the area the camera reads.

At full-frame 6K, you can actually get up to 40 fps. There’s also a 5K mode that will reach 50 fps.

A setting that Mateo found that isn’t so obvious is that you can shoot full-width 6K at up to 50 fps. To get this you need to select a different aspect ratio that is more widescreen. By cropping the top and bottom, which you are likely to do in post anyway, you can benefit from faster readout. 

RED Komodo 6K GDU Anamorphic Canon RF Mount

Images by Jarred Land/RED

Obviously, this isn’t perfect for those who need the full-frame image or a more conventional aspect ratio, but if it is an option for you it is something to consider. Maximum image quality for slow motion imagery. Combined with the RED’s global shutter and overall excellent image quality you should get some stellar footage.

Checking out the sample footage from Mateo shows off that the KOMODO is a great pick for filmmakers in need of a compact, powerful cinema camera.

[source: Mateo Allen]

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