Rigging Up the Kinefinity MAVO Edge

Kinefinity is one of those smaller brands that is looking to make a big splash with incredible feature sets for more affordable cinema cameras. Think RED on a budget. The MAVO Edge is their latest and is a  mind-blowing large-format 8K cine camera that can record at that resolution at up to 70 fps.

It can even do open gate 45MP 3:2 recording at 45 fps. Beyond that, there is a large assortment of accessories that can help you tune it to your ideal configuration. Coming from ProAV TV is a rundown of some of the best options to use for rigging up a MAVO Edge.

At the front of the camera is an interchangeable mount system. It’s super easy to use as it is similar to how lenses would mount. Kinefinity offers a good selection, including a Canon EF mount version three, PL, LPL, and Sony E. The Canon EF shows some good improvements with the current model that ensure a proper mounting of your lens.

The PL options are standard, and do support Cooke i Technology for metadata transfer. As for the Sony E, this one is limited as it is too small to support electronics. This means your selection will be limited as most electronically-controlled optics won’t work.

Also on the front of the MAVO Edge are a couple of proprietary video ports. You can use these to drive a monitor. There are a few options:

  • 5” KineMON-5U w/ 1000 nit brightness
  • 7” KineMON-7H w/ 1000 nit brightness
  • 7” KineMON-7U w/ 2000 nit brightness
  • KineEVF OLED Viewfinder

They recommend going with the EVF if you can. It works well and feels like a part of the camera instead of an add-on accessory.

Working with MOVCAM, Kinefinity has developed some nice cages and mounting accessories. With the Edge they have a top plate with a ton of great mounting points. There are also some attachments points for the 5” monitor or EVF. A top handle offers solid handling and a few more mounting options, like a rod mount, for even more customizable. 

Image Credit: Kinefinity

As for the baseplate, there are some great developments. As a baseplate, it’s as good as you would expect. However, it also has a power transfer pin layout and it can hold a couple of battery packs. This is a system that allows you to basically have an uninterruptible power supply as you shoot.

Power is versatile as you have a hybrid battery plate on the back that’ll work with V-mount battery packs as well as BP-U style batteries. Kinefinity does make their own which are more than decent.

Kinefinity did a good job of developing a complete ecosystem of accessories to work with the MAVO Edge. It makes it easy to build up just the way you want. The only thing you’ll really need to pick and choose is the lens and lens mount. And, all this comes in the pro package.

[source: ProAV TV]

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