10 Best Sony FX6 Features You Should Know

One thing you’ll quickly learn when you pick up a cinema camera is that there are incredibly deep menu systems. Many of the most common settings are readily available and easy to find, but not all of them. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. You may have learned this if you are looking at a new camera – like the Sony FX6.

If you want a walkthrough of ten of the best features of the FX6, then you should check out this video from filmmaker Jon Waldman. There’s a lot of figure out, so if you are in the market for a new camera and the FX6 is on the list it is very helpful.

1. Electronic Variable ND

Among the best features tied to Sony cinema cameras is the electronic variable ND filter. Unlike conventional ND, the Sony version has an infinitely adjustable ND filter. This means you can get perfectly smooth transitions mid shot and can do some cool stuff that would be impossible on other cameras.

2. S-Cinetone

S-Cinetone was designed by Sony to provide shooters with a ready-to-publish file straight out of camera. It is optimized for natural skin tones and with a more “cinematic” picture that resembles their top-end VENICE cinema camera. For fast shoots or less editing S-Cinetone is the profile to beat. 

3. Resolution and Codecs

The FX6 has a quite complete set of codecs and resolutions. All the options, up to the max of 4K at 120 fps, can be recorded in 10-bit 4:2:2. There isn’t even any limit on the sensor as you can use the full-frame image in all of these modes and with autofocus.

4. Minimal Rolling Shutter

Rolling shutter has gotten so much better in the past few years. The FX6’s sensor has practically no noticeable rolling shutter for a majority of shooting scenarios. Compared to recent cameras with full-frame sensors, like the one in the original a7S, the minimal amount of rolling shutter in the FX6 is almost unnoticeable.

Image Credit: Sony

5. Size and Shape

The FX6 is a relatively compact cinema camera. It’s designed for handheld and mobile shoots and won’t kill your back after a day of shooting. The other benefit is that when you need it there are accessories that will let you build it up into a full-size rig.

6. Autofocus

Sony is killing it with the latest on-sensor autofocus systems in video. With phase-detect now loaded up on the sensor you can get incredibly fast and accurate autofocus. Plus, additional smarts in the camera will track people, even nailing eyes without issue. It is a gigantic step up compared to even the last generation of cinema cameras.

7. Easy to Edit Footage

The latest codecs are much easier on the machine. Being able to record in formats that will not push your machine to the limits help out a lot with editing speed and meaning you don’t have to drop extra cash on a new computer.

8. Dual Base ISO

The FX6 has base ISO settings at ISO 800 and 12,800. This low-resolution sensor does excel in low-light. Noise is well controlled even in the darkest scenes and can make or break a shot in tough situations, say a documentary or rushed location shoot.

9. XLR Inputs

On the removable top handle are two full-size XLR inputs. You can hook up your pro mics with ease, whether that is a wireless system or a shotgun mic you want to mount on the camera itself. Definitely better for the workflow.

Image Credit: Sony

10. Ergonomics

Out of the box you are getting a complete package with the FX6. The top handle, side grip, controls, and size all combine to make a solid camera with good ergonomics.

Bonus: Great Battery Life

Compared to mirrorless, the traditional camcorder battery packs are so much better for longer shoots.

Do you have an FX6 or are looking to pick one up? What feature do you most love?

[source: Jon Waldman]

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