5 Easy Video Tricks with the DJI Action 2

DJI took their action cam in a new direction with the launch of the Action 2. Reminiscent of the old GoPro Session with its ultra-compact and boxy form factor, the Action 2 can be used it a lot of fun ways. There are also some great features built-in that will help guarantee quality, such as RockSteady 2.0 with HorizonSteady, 4K 120p recording, magnetic attachments, and more.

If you want to learn how to get started with the Action 2, videographer Jordi Koalitic has five easy tricks. One thing to also consider is that most action cams can use these tricks, so don’t think you need the Action 2 today to learn from this.

1. Mount to Thrown Object

Being so small, the action 2 can be attached to moving objects within a scene. While not disposable, the more durable design of cameras like the Action 2 means you can put it onto objects that might put the camera in harm’s way. For example, you can mount it to a thrown stick and get the awesome close-up of the dog grabbing it and running back.

2. Mount to Car Wheel

Get a smooth spinning motion with your camera by mounting it to a car wheel. Placing it right in the center will make a very smooth looking image. In the example they use it to match a bike wheel and it does a great job.

3. Push Forward Through Object

A difficult move with traditional supports and camera systems is the push forward through an object. If you have a small object you need either a highly specialized lens or you just can’t do it. With the Action 2 and similar you can just pop them on a selfie stick and carefully move it through something. It’s a nice effect with the ultra-wide field of view for a more interesting establishing shot or just a fun effect.

Image Credit: DJI

4. Dry to Underwater Transition

Don’t forget that the Action 2 is waterproof. You can easily use it to create a seamless shot that transitions from above water to underwater and vice versa. It’s a nice little effect.

5. First Person Perspective/Transition

The last trick Jordi shows off has a couple things going on. He mounts the Action 2 to his chest using a fun magnetic mount that hangs around his neck and behind his shirt. Then with the first-person perspective he does a snap out front and uses that as a transition to another shot where he did the same thing.

Any of these look like something you might try out?

[source: Jordi Koalitic]

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