How Good is the RED KOMODO 6K Autofocus

Among the most surprising reveals when the RED KOMODO 6K was launched was that it would have phase-detect autofocus with Canon RF and adapted EF lenses. Considering RED’s history in high-end cinema cameras, which eschew autofocus systems, the KOMODO was the first and wholly untested feature from the brand. Also, some of it needed firmware updates to start working.

Now that the KOMODO has been out in the wild, it’s time to see just how good its autofocus can be. And for that, there was a test from filmmaker Carlos Quintero covering general use, sensor coverage, low-light, and more.

Right at the top, Quintero actually says the KOMODO offers reliable autofocus while at the same time saying that the long championed Dual Pixel system from Canon and Fast Hybrid AF of Sony isn’t quite as good at video as we have been led to believe. That’s an interesting start.

The key is reliability in a variety of different conditions. The KOMODO apparently handles all the differences very well while Canon and Sony might not hold up when the light changes.

Image Credit: Wooden Camera


Continuous autofocus was still in beta when this was shot, but it still performed very well. In the first tests, the shot is very dark. Stepping into a completely black frame shows the KOMODO quickly lock on. The second shot is a static shot but lit with only three candles. That stuck and held on even after blowing out some candles.

To truly test the system, Quintero used a Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L IS Macro USM Lens with a Speedbooster. Shallow depth of field and close focus distances will put the KOMODO to the test. With a series of close-ups the camera seems to hold onto the subject without issue in a variety of situations.

Quintero believes that the KOMODO has solid autofocus because it just works, even though he was skeptical of any of it working well at first.

What are your thoughts on the KOMODO’s autofocus?

[source: Carlos Quintero]

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