Pre-Orders for the Sony Airpeak S1 Drone Are Finally Open

If you want to get the most out of your favorite Sony Alpha camera and capture some stunning aerial shots along the way, you should be more than happy to know that the long-awaited Sony Airpeak S1 drone is finally available to pre-order. With the Airpeak S1 gimbal, you can attach a wide range of Alpha series mirrorless cameras or even your FX3 cinema camera. Flights can be piloted via the included controller by a single pilot, dual pilots can split drone and gimbal control with an additional remote, or you can fully automate a repeatable flight plan.

The S1 accelerates from 0 to 50 mph in just 3.5 seconds, and it can withstand adverse outdoor conditions with up to 44.7 mph wind resistance. Even indoors or under structures, where GNSS reception is blocked, the S1 can perform thanks to an obstacle-avoiding, multicamera, multisensor vision system. The lightweight frame and quad 17″ propellers of the Airpeak S1 help it achieve up to 22 minutes of flight time without payload (approximately 12 minutes with payload).

Furthermore, the Airpeak S1 automatically runs a full system check before starting its motor, alerting you to any possible issues and restricting takeoff and landing if these issues are too severe. Self-diagnostics can also be done while in flight, letting pilots know of any issue so they can make an emergency landing if necessary.

The drone comes equipped with five stereo cameras (front, back, left, right, and bottom) and two IR range sensors allowing the device to accurately determine its spatial position and orientation in real-time.

The included remote controller, on the other hand, provides real-time control over the Airpeak S1 and the optional gimbal. Piloting is done via the twin Futaba-designed control sticks and various aircraft, gimbal, and camera buttons, which can be changed if needed.

Image Credit: Sony

Additionally, there are four customizable buttons that can be set to actions that reflect your specific piloting needs. A mobile device holder on the remote can open up to 7″ to accommodate either an Apple iPhone or iPad. To allow for external drone footage monitoring by a product team, use the built-in HDMI port to output video to an optional monitor.

When the battery is low or the remote controller signal is lost, the Return to Home (RTH) feature automatically brings the drone back to its starting point. If obstacles are in the way of a straight flight, the aircraft will intelligently calculate an alternate route. Pilots can also conveniently trigger RTH at the end of a shoot to free them from piloting the aircraft home.

Other noteworthy features of the Airpeak S1 include detachable propellers with a quick-release mechanism, a hot-swappable battery that lets you change packs without powering down, Airpeak Flight and Airpeak Base app support, variety of flight modes including Standard, On Course Function, Velocity Mode,  along with the ability to customize maximum speed, angles, acceleration rates, and other parameters.

Image Credit: Sony

Sony Airpeak S1 Highlights

  • Use Your Own Camera & Lenses
  • Supports Alpha Series & FX3 Cameras
  • S1 Gimbal Required & Not Included
  • 0-50 mph Acceleration in 3.5 Seconds
  • Wind Resistance up to 44.7 mph
  • Up to 55.9 mph Maximum Flight Speed
  • Up to 22 Minutes of Flight Time
  • 5 Cameras & 2 IR Sensor Vision Systems
  • Create & Fly Automated Flight Plans
  • Obstacle Avoidance & Braking Function

The Sony Airpeak S1 is available to order selling for $8,999.99.

[source: Sony]

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