How to Backup Your Footage Online for Cheap

Everyone knows already that you need to be backing up your precious files in multiple places. Ideally you follow the 3-2-1 rule. That means you have three copies of your data one two different forms of media and one of those should be kept in a different location.

Most people likely already follow some sort of backup or archiving system with local storage. However, that last point of getting a copy off-site is incredibly important. Going with an online storage service is a great way to do that. With many different options out there Matt WhoisMatt Johnson breaks down which he thinks are worth using.

Personal files and images might be backed up enough using consumer-grade services like iCloud or Google Photos. As long as they aren’t gone forever if you break a device you are golden.

Once you start doing professional work then any loss of files or downtime is potentially damaging to your business and brand. On-site backups are essential, but to be truly safe you should start investing in an online backup solution.

Interestingly, Matt is actually doing this video as an update to a prior one where he recommended Google’s G Suite. He no longer recommends this since they changed it to Google Workspace and removed the unlimited storage option outside the pricey enterprise plans. Key to the services he recommends today is having unlimited storage. 

First up, and something that Matt is connected with, is to use Backblaze. This is one that I know a lot of people use already and I haven’t heard anything bad about it. It’s also only $7 a month. The only caveat is that it only keeps a remote backup of your local files and it does not work as an archive.

Image Credit: Blackblaze

Meaning, if you delete files from your local drive they will also vanish from Backblaze. It also means that you will need to have your drives connected to the computer regularly – at least every 30 days.

For users with only a single or couple drives Backblaze will work just fine.

If you are planning on moving drives into storage and need long-term archiving online without the hassle there is the Dropbox Advanced plan. Coming in at $20/user it is still reasonable.

Image Credit: Dropbox

However, for actual unlimited storage, you need three users, so it is actually $60/month. If you need to store TBs of files and don’t want to deal with the hassle of Backblaze this is a better option.

You can also access drives using a Smart Sync system that will download files on-demand as you need them, reducing the need for large storage always attached while still having everything in the cloud.

Those are some good options. Do you have any other online backup recommendations?

[source: Matt WhoisMatt Johnson]

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