Closer Look at SmallRig 120D and 120B COB LED Lights

SmallRig is jumping more seriously into the lighting game with the recent RC120D and RC120B LED Lights. These fixtures are point-source LEDs similar to exceedingly popular releases from brands like Aputure. It’s a cool move from the well-regarded company and they seem to be targeting the indie market with their pricing and feature set.

So, how exactly do these hold up? Well, if you are curious about how SmallRig competes in this crowded market you can take a closer look at them in this video by CVP.

SmallRig’s appeal has long been delivering quality with a great price. It’s the same deal with the RC120D and RC120B. Both are 120W COB LED lights. The difference is the color with the “D” model being daylight-only and the “B” version offering bi-color operation. They are also affordable at just a little over $200. The bi-color is a bit more but still doesn’t even hit $300.

In terms of raw specs compared to similar competition the new SmallRig fixtures shine. On paper they are on par if not better than many competing options. Compared directly to the Amaran 100D the SmallRig RC120D edges it out on brightness. One thing that it does still fall victim to is when using the reflector there is a hot spot in the center with dramatic fall off towards the edges of the beam.

Image Credit: SmallRig

Using an FX3 for some slow motion tests they see absolutely no flickering at either max or min brightness. This was done at both 120 and 240 fps.

As for build quality, this is where SmallRig seems to have gotten costs down. They are made from a heavier duty plastic which is likely fine for most content creators working in a studio or fixed location. Over longer timeline and for travel they might have something break at some point. It does also have a standard Bowens S mount for accessories.

Speaking of accessories, there are a handful of modifiers to go with it. There are two parabolic softboxes, a 21” and a 33”. Each on comes with internal and front diffusers, a grid, and a storage bag. There is also a china ball option. 

Image Credit: SmallRig

Powering is simple with a 3-pin XLR. It can be used with the included power supply or run off a V-mount battery for on-location work. They can run off a single battery pack being smaller lights instead of a double plate for more powerful fixtures.

For control there are the obvious dials and screen on the rear of the fixture. There is also an app for wireless control. You can also access 9 different built-in effects, like lightning and flame.

Interested? Well the guys at CVP think these are a great buy for the price. They certainly aren’t perfect but they hold up super well compared to competitors. If you are picking up some new lights or maybe your first lights these SmallRig LEDs are a solid option.

What do you think about SmallRig’s foray into lighting for content creators?

[source: CVP]

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