Orico Introduces One of the First USB-4 Portable SSD Drives with Speeds Approaching 3,100 MB/s

Chinese R and D Electronics company Shenzhen Orico Technologies has announced one of the world’s first, and potentially fastest portable SSD drives supported by the next generation USB-4 specification.

The drive, known as the Orico Montage High-Speed Portable SSD drive, promises file transfer speeds of up to 3,100 MB/s through the device’s Thunderbolt 4 architecture, plus is downward compatible with USB-3 and Thunderbolt 3 connections.

Image Credit – Orico

The Montage Portable SSD has also adopted the robust IML process used for electronics in car manufacturing, and the company claims it will keep the SSD drive longer-lasting, guarding against a variety of motion-related issues.

The Orico Montage has also been tested in high humidity of 35%, plus extreme temperatures from 26° C to 62.6° C.

Image Credit – Orico

The drive measures 115mm x 63.15mm x 21mm, and is encased in a Zinc allow and plastic SSD drive enclosure that is decorated in a red, blue, and yellow color scheme as an homage to Dutch painter Piet Mondrian, whose famous painting Composition of Red, Blue, and Yellow was created in 1930.

Image Credit – Orico

Orico’s website also states that the drive could potentially have even faster read/write speeds, with its spec sheet pointing out that the USB-4 spec supports up to 40Gbps. But in order to achieve that kind of speed, users would have to have every component in the USB-4 chain capable of handling that kind of throughput. However, to date, no device has even come close to that metric.

However, supporting 3,100MB/s is more than enough for editing ultra high definition video and even 8K resolutions. When it is launched, the drive will be available in 512GB, 1TB, and 2TB versions, and will come with a two-in-one USB adapter.

Image Credit: Orico

There is no word on when the Orico Montage USB-4 Portable SSD drive will be available, but a previous USB-3 version of a similar model is currently retailing for between $126-180 on Amazon. No other information has been made available to date.

There are currently, no preorder links on the Orico site either, however, users can sign up for an inquiry through the Orico Montage product page to be notified when the Montage SSD drive will be shipping, and for how much. Presumably, at that time, there will be a preorder link provided.

[source: Orico]

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