Atomos Packs a Few More Special Features in Ninja V Update

The Atomos Ninja V and Ninja V+ incorporate a bevy of great features to make capturing your images easier on set and with more options. From 8K recording in ProRes RAW to daylight recording with 1000 nits of brightness to anamorphic de-squeezing, the Atomos Ninja V and Ninja V+ seem to do it all.

With the functionality of this powerful 5″ monitor-recorder, filmmakers and content creators can get a lot done to be sure. Consequently, thanks to their latest firmware update, the Ninja V line incorporates not only custom aspect ratio guides but frame grabbing and onion skin overlays for more capability. Is there anything this plucky 5” external monitor-recorder can’t do?

Image Source: Atomos

Custom Frame Guides. The latest update provides Custom Frame Guides for instance, which will enable the cameraman to try different aspect ratios in order to see if the angle and setup will deliver the most punch for the scene being captured.

Ordinarily, a shooter would just stick some gaffer tape on the monitor itself to provide safe zones with which to frame up a shot, even though they know they’ll have to clean off the sticky residue from the monitor later on.

However, with the Custom Frame Guides, it’s all digital, so the monitor remains clean and residue-free, and the safe zones are adjusted with a touch of a button.

Frame Grabs. When looking to grab a first look shot from the day, create a digital storyboard to check the flow of the scene, or even provide media for PR to popular their socials and create hype, the Ninja V’s new frame grab feature will enable a shooter to grab a frame in 1920×1080 full HD resolution and save it to a PNG format. 

Moreover, the Ninja V and Ninja V+ will apply any specific LUTs being used so that various looks are applied for the director to approve.

Onion Skin Overlays.  Atomos says that one of the most popular requests from Ninja V users is the ability to lay over a frame for a previous shot so that the shooter can compare continuity, scene layout, and other elements which could stick out if missed.

Animators have used a similar technique for decades to make sure the sketching work they are doing remains consistent. 

To that end, Atomos has added Onion Skin Overlays, which will give cinematographers the ability to load a frame grab, and then adjust it for three different levels of opacity in order to make sure nothing goes missing.

The Onion Skin Overlay feature will also have the option to create a split-screen so that shooters can make sure that both scenes are similar in every applicable way before rolling. 

Image Source: Atomos

This Ninja V and V+ update may not be the flashiest set of improvements for a monitor-recorder, but like every tool in a Swiss Army Knife, you’ll be awfully glad you have them when you need them.  Atomos is making this new firmware update available as a free download.

Visit My.Atomos.Com for more details and to install.

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