Studio Display vs Pro Display XDR vs 24” iMac – Which is the Best Apple Display?

Apple is back in the display game! It’s been a while since the old-school Cinema Display came out and even the Pro Display XDR – while nice – was way out of reach of many everyday users. Now, with the Studio Display we have something more in line with your average creator. We also can’t forget the iMac, which comes which it’s own nice display built in.

If you are all in on the Apple ecosystem and are looking for a perfectly matched screen to go along with a new machine then you will want to see this video by Karl Conrad as he compares the three latest displays from Apple.

Starting off is the Studio Display—the newest of the bunch. There are actually a few options to check out here. The display’s base model, with standard glossy finish and a tilting stand, runs just under $1,600.

You can get a nano-texture matte display for an extra $300 which I would prefer. Then you will have to pick a stand. There is a tilt and height-adjustable stand option for an extra $400 or get a basic VESA-mount model for no added cost.

The exterior of the display is gorgeous. It is classic Apple with an aluminum exterior, though obviously this is going to explain how the cost is so high for this monitor.

Image Credit: Apple

At the rear of the display you will have your Thunderbolt port for connecting to your computer alongside three USB-C ports. There is also a power cable which seems to be fixed. It is a fully-featured display with built-in Atomos-compatible speakers, a 12MP webcam with Center Stage, and a three-mic array.

We haven’t even mentioned the actual panel. It is a 27” 5K 600-nit LCD. It’s a nice size and very bright for an SDR monitor. It looks great with P3 wide color gamut. This panel actually looks a lot like the one in the older 27” iMacs with a touch of extra brightness. It’s a solid display for macOS.

At the top of the line is the Pro Display XDR. It is a 32” 6K HDR panel using mini-LED tech. It also has a unique design that matches the cheese grater that is the Mac Pro. It is pricey. The display runs $5,000 for the standard glass or $6,000 for the nano-texture. Plus, you’ll need to add a stand for an extra $1,000.

Not great. The VESA mount is an alternative option for $200. The whole thing is a bit ridiculous. The back of the display has a similar I/O setup as the Studio Display with three USB-C ports.

Image Credit: Apple

The HDR capabilities are noticeable. There is a peak of 1600 nits though more standard options will get it to 1000 nits. That is still a nice bump over the Studio Display.

Still, this probably doesn’t make the cost worth it for most people. It’s so expensive and if you want/need it you will know that already.

Most people should just grab the Studio Display if you want an Apple monitor.

Image Credit: Apple

Now for the wildcard. The 24” iMac comes with a nice 4.5K display all in a single package that starts at $1,300 – $300 less than the Studio Display itself. The panel is nice, almost as nice as the Studio Display though it is a bit smaller.

But, you are getting a whole computer as well. If you are looking for a complete package the iMac is a great option.

What do you think of Apple’s latest displays? I know I’m still waiting for mini-LED or OLED tech to come to a more affordable display.

[source: Karl Conrad]

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