15 Best Features of the Panasonic GH6

Panasonic has made their cameras exceptionally dense in terms of features. The compact GH line, now headed by the GH6, is a good example of this and the company managed to add a ton of new functions with its release.

There are so many that it’s likely that there are some menu options you might not even realize exist and there are likely a handful that you are not using to their full potential.

If you are a current or future GH6 owner and want to learn more about this exceptional camera you should watch this video from Arber Baqaj about the 15 best features.

1. Open Gate Shooting

An uncommon feature on many affordable mirrorless and cinema cameras is open gate shooting. This allows you to record video using the entire sensor area. Being a Four Thirds sensor you can actually use it for anamorphic or just for extra framing maneuverability in post.

2. Shutter Angle

Most mirrorless cameras turned video camera still rely on photo-centric menus and controls. A good example is a reliance on shutter speed. Videographers and filmmakers tend to use shutter angle instead and the GH6 actually allows this action. For keeping to the 180-degree rule even when changing frame rates it is great.

3. Flat Profile

Log gets all the attention, but something you don’t need something that aggressive. Panasonic’s Flat profile is an in-between option that is a lot faster to grade and yet provides a little more control than the conventional profiles.

4. Synchro Scan to Avoid Flicker in Slow Motion

Using Synchro Scan will give you precise control over the shutter angle—1-degree increments—so that you can get the shutter in sync with flickering lights. Fluorescent bulbs are notorious for this issue.

5. Focus Limiter

By limiting the focus range available to the camera you can get more accurate and faster autofocus. If you only want to focus on a subject and not the background you can tell the camera to not focus on anything far away. 

6. Dynamic Range Boost

The Dynamic Range Boost seems like it’s not a great feature, but it does help you retain an extra stop of detail in the highlights if you need it

7. Red Frame Recording Indicator

Make sure you are recording by turning on the red frame indicator. It simply puts a red outline on your LCD when you are recording so you can be extra sure.

Image Credit: Panasonic

8. Waveforms

Waveforms are here! It’s a much better way to monitor exposures and is highly recommended.

9. Tally Lights

Panasonic has put some tally lights on the front and back of the camera so that no matter where you are positioned you can check and see that the camera is rolling. You can turn them both on or off independently.

10. Linear Manual Focus

When focus-by-wire came on the scene it was designed for photo with speed ramping based on how fast you turned the focusing ring. This isn’t great for video where repeatable moves are required. Luckily, the GH6 does have linear manual focus as an option for better control.

11. Vertical Shooting Info

Social media is bigger and bigger and if you plan on shooting vertically it’ll be helpful that all your video is coded to be vertical when you go to edit it. Saves some time and headache.

12. Adjust Monitor Backlight

Depending on your shooting environment you might want to adjust the brightness of the GH6 monitor so that you can clearly see everything

14. Streaming

The GH6 is able to stream quite easily. Panasonic has some Lumix software that allows you to easily connect to a computer while still charging it and use it for streams or as a webcam.

15. Custom Options and Names

The custom mode offers tons of options you can tweak and change and save. You can also save the modes so you can quickly find the one you want.

Are you loving your GH6? Any favorite features of your own?

[source: Arber Baqaj]

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