DJIs Wireless Mic System Gets a New Firmware Update

DJI has updated the firmware for the DJI Mic wireless microphones, and while the update is basically just housekeeping to make the devices easier to use, there are a few new features that do stand out.

The DJI Mic Wireless system contains two microphone transmitters, and a single receiver, all packaged in a rechargeable hard case to house and recharge the units when not in use.

The design has always been interesting because the system turns on and pairs automatically when the case is opened so that the mics can be used right away without having to repair them.

In addition to using the transmitters as microphones on their own, there is also a 3.5mm TRS input port for connecting lavalier or other microphones for additional options.

The DJI Mic can be placed magnetically on the subject and can be used with both cameras and smartphones.

Image Credit – DJI

The four new features of DJI MIC Firmware v02.00.72.80 include:

  • Adding settings to adjust REC Stop Lock, Auto Record, and LED Brightness.
  • Turning off REC Stop Lock by default. If REC Stop Lock is on, the user cannot stop recording when pressing the REC button to avoid unexpected operation.
  • Turning off auto-record by default. When Auto record is enabled, the transmitter will automatically start internal recording when powering on.
  • And an adjustable LED brightness setting to save on the transmitter battery power.

Outside of these new features, DJI also fixed a few annoying bugs. The DJI MIC Firmware v02.00.72.80 update can be downloaded from DJI’s support site.

Once installed, the device will restart with its default settings. As always, it’s a smart idea to be sure the entire system is fully charged before attempting to tackle this procedure.

[source: DJI]

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