Try Out This Cool Night Exterior Hack for Lighting Your Scenes

Getting decent lighting when working outside at night is a challenge. The most common options are hauling around loads of stands or batteries or simply getting lucky and being able to run some long extension cables to get connected. That also assumes good permissions have been granted for your location and generally this isn’t so mobile.

An alternative option has arisen recently that sees filmmakers creating a portable and effective light by mounting it to a boom pole. Very interesting. If you want to see how this setup works and what you need to put it together we have Dom from LensProToGo here to show us.

A completely mobile rig is perfect if you hope to track your subject as they move through the scene. There are a lot of variations, but LensProToGo thinks he has created a reasonable rig that a lot of people could add to their kit.

Image Credit: Westcott

This consists of a few pieces:

They actually use the RGBW version of the Flex Cine Mat, but that no longer appears to be widely available. Plus, any strong boompole will do the trick.

This simple rig is battery powered and does require a hefty controller and battery system to get going. The Westcott Dual V-Mount to V-Mount Adapter will help you get fully powered up. Even still, it’s quite maneuverable. 

Image Credit: Westcott

Once set up you have a portable, soft, and controllable light source to illuminate your subject. A vest will help complete the setup and make it more comfortable for your operator during the shoot while also providing attachment points for the various parts.

You can get the light exactly where you need in the scene, follow anyone who is moving, and basically anything else you can think of. The light is completely portable so the sky is the limit on how you can use it.

Image Credit: Rode

This is actually a really cool idea and while I don’t have a use for anything like it now I definitely am glad to keep it in mind.

What do you think about this portable light rig?

[source: LensProToGo]

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