65” Looking Glass Panel is the Largest Holographic Display Ever Made

Hologram company Looking Glass Factory has created the largest 8K holographic display ever made. The 65” 8K panel is five times larger than its nearest rival in size and is designed for “experimental marketing,” 3D storytelling, engineering, and design.

Back in 2021, the company created a nifty bit of software that could turn a stock 2D image into a 3D hologram within seconds. What was impressive though was the company had never delved into holograms before writing the program.

Taking what they learned, the company then proceeded to focus on creating desktop displays with 3D and holographic support, and photo frames. The 65” 8K panel was the next logical step once 8K hit the market.

Twice as large as their previous 32” model, which had 33.2 million pixels and a billion-count color depth, the 65” model goes exponential, and is able to capture what the company says are “critical details that are impossible with 2D screens, like the glisten off of a character’s eye or the specular reflections off of a puddle in a virtual world.”

The 65” panel is featured at this year’s 2022 Tribeca Festival’s immersive program, where it will be showcasing Springbok Entertainment’s new film Zanzibar: Trouble in Paradise. Looking Glass says that the display is the only one of its kind on the market and that with an ultra-wide field of view, the image can be comfortably displayed to groups of up to 50 people.

The Looking Glass display uses light field technology to create a sense of depth within the 8K panel area, by not only accounting for brightness and color but also at least 45 distinct and simultaneous perspectives of a three-dimensional scene at 60 frames per second.

“This means that groups of people can gather around the Looking Glass 8K and see a unique stereoscopic view of virtual content just as they would if they were looking at a real scene in the real world,” says Looking Glass co-founder Shawn Frayne.

Frayne says their goal is to make holographic displays ubiquitous in people’s lives.

Image Credit: Looking Glass Factory

“I believe that the future of holographic communication, for instance, where you can have two holographic displays like the Looking Glass 8Ks working together as a window between two places across the world,” says Frayne, “that future is much closer than most folks might think.”

Currently, there is no word on pricing or when this panel will hit store shelves, but users can sign up for a custom demo here.

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