Pocket 6K Pro Rig with the DJI RS 3 Pro

It’s only just been announced and some filmmakers are already brainstorming ways to get rigged up with the DJI RS 3 Pro.

One of the lucky ones to get their hands on the new gimbal at launch is Michael Tobin who has a nice setup based around his Blackmagic Pocket 6K Pro. This setup makes use of a few accessories, including the new DJI LiDAR Range Finder.

Importantly, this specific rig feels and looks quite simple, which should make it a great place to start as you look for ideas on how to build something that works perfectly for you.

We already mentioned that this is going to feature the Blackmagic Pocket 6K Pro. Nothing special here, he actually doesn’t even keep it in a cage since it fits better on gimbals that way and is a little more versatile.

He did pop on the Battery Grip and EVF to complete the camera kit. The only modifications beyond that are a Kondor Blue Quick Release on top and on the bottom of the camera is the quick release plate for the gimbal.

Image Credit: Blackmagic Design

As for lenses he uses the IRIX Cine Lenses. Normally for gimbal work this is the 15mm T2.6, but for now he is popping on the 45mm T1.5. These aren’t the lightest lenses around keep in mind.

Audio makes use of the intriguing Sennheiser MKE 440 Stereo Shotgun Mic. This is what he snaps into the Kondor Blue Quick Release on the top of the Pocket 6K Pro. Haven’t thought of using a quick release for a shoe-mount mic but it’s actually a good idea. Now the camera is ready to go.

The gimbal has a few important pieces. This includes the tripod base and battery grip. Michael recommends picking up a few battery grips as with a heavier setup like this he does actually burn through a couple in a day. On top is obviously the RS 3 Pro gimbal head.

Image Credit: DJI

Mounted to the side of the gimbal is a Zhiyun-Tech Transmount PowerPlug Battery Power Bank. This is kind of like a tiny V-mount battery. He took the smartphone mount for the gimbal and disassembled it a tiny bit to show off the NATO rail.

The battery comes with a little locking mount that he can then just snap onto the side. It has D-tap and USB outputs so he can run a lot from this pack. Powering the pack are six 18650 batteries, so you can keep some spares around to keep the shoot going for even longer.

Image Credit: Zhiyun-Tech

On the base of the gimbal arms, he keeps the RavenEye transmission system. Part of the reason is to have a little extra weight for balance even when you aren’t taking advantage of the wireless transmission itself.

Specifically for the 6K Pro, you’ll have to use the smaller quick-release baseplate. The RS 3 Pro doesn’t have as wide adjustment and with the other systems, the camera might not fit.

Image Credit: DJI

An very smart idea was in Michael’s mounting decision for the LiDAR Range Finder. He attached a Kondor Blue Cold Shoe to the front of the baseplate and can easily slide the LiDAR into it. Now the LiDAR sensors are always placed in the same spot and almost directly line up with the front of the lens.

Making the whole LiDAR thing work is the addition of the Focus Motor connected to the lens. The stock mounting arm doesn’t quite work with the camera’s battery grip attached so he had to add a small extension plate to get the range.

Now you can get to wiring things up. You’ll probably want to add a lens support for heavier setups to help eliminate any little jitters.

This setup will give you long runtimes and easier operation. For handheld work and professional applications, this does look like a great rig.

What do you think about this DJI RS 3 Pro rig?

[source: michael tobin]

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