FiLMiC Pro Announces LUT Import Support for Mobile Filmmakers

When FiLMiC Pro went with a full subscription for its mobile filmmaking app, whether the app would offer enough regular updates to justify the weekly $2.99 rate caused many users to balk at making the transition.

But now, the app is introducing full LUT support, which should at least cause filmmakers to take a second look.

Whether a mobile filmmaker, Youtuber, or journalist, version 7.4 offers high-performance cinematic imagery without the need to invest in a host of accessories to “look the part.”

Image Credit – FiLMiC Pro

The new features will enable FiLMiC users to create a cinematic look and apply a variety of color schemes in-camera to reduce any post-production workflow.

To that end, version 7.4 of FiLMiC Pro now supports the import of up to eight “.cube” LUT files directly into the app, where users can apply and view video footage in preview.

Once previewed, users can then burn the look into the final camera file before transferring the data to a computer or uploading it to the cloud.

The ability to import LUT files into FiLMiC means that users will be able to capture video in FiLMiC’s flat and log gamma curve codecs, and then preview the files natively in rec709 to ensure perfect results.

Users can also take advantage of support for Cinematch and FilmConvert by exporting camera-matching files as LUTs and applying them directly to the original camera files before exporting.

This comes in really handy when using multiple cameras of different formats on set, where filmmakers on a budget can use a more expendable “b” camera with a backup smartphone instead of a higher-end cinema camera like a RED, Canon, or even Sony and get a usable result.

The Imaging/LUT panel is where users can load up a LUT within an empty slot and then apply a special name. Users can also replace existing LUTs or remove them completely.

Image Credit – FiLMiC Pro

Moreover, the app has what FiLMiC calls a “Quick Action Modal” (QAM) which can assign up to six custom buttons to install LUTs and then quickly apply them at a touch of a button.

The QAM enables users to switch between LUTs for comparing and contrasting, through a special side-by-side split screen before burning in the selected color scheme.

Image Credit – FiLMiC Pro

The QAM setup also allows shooters to dial in their preferred camera values for ISO, shutter speed, and even white balance to create the exact exposure the shooter is looking for.

Users will also still have the option of using FiLMiC’s “Action Info Sliders” to adjust those metrics, as well as monitor remaining record time, format, and other features.

Other changes and additions for FiLMiC Pro v7.4 include a redesigned cinema camera-style interface. That redesign includes the following improvements:

  • Newly refined, streamlined interface;
  • New tangerine reticles with improved lock/unlocked state animations;
  • All new dedicated Mode Button which makes all supported modes explicit to the filmmaker (auto mode; center-weighted reticle mode; reticle mode; manual mode);
  • Simple and Professional Audio Meters: Tap the on-screen audio meter to switch between preferred presentations;
  • Dedicated Audio Control button in the main UI;
  • Redesigned Manual Controls: Filmic Pro V7 moves away from arcs to sliders with more explicit pull-to-point functionality. The slider travel is also longer for more precision and accuracy, and inertial scrolling is now supported, which enables faster “flicking” to Macro or Infinity. Exposure controls are also decomposed to better reflect professional cameras (Filmic Pro now offers three exposure modes on the left-hand manual slider: LV (iso and shutter speed concurrently per v6); ISO only; and shutter speed only).

There is also a custom function button in the main camera interface which enables users to assign one of dozens of key features to further streamline the workflow.

Pricing and availability:

The app is available for both iPhone and Android users, and FiLMiC Pro’s subscription rate is $2.99 per week. That rate can be lowered to $49.99 a year when billed annually, which works out to less than a dollar a week.

Kudos to FiLMiC to make the subscription rate more palatable with an annual discount. There are also special educational discounts for students and educators.

To download version 7.4, head over to the iOS app store or Google Play. If users don’t want to add another subscription to their wallets, they can continue to use version 6.0 of FiLMiC Pro, which is now called FiLMiC Pro Legacy. But you won’t get any other new features.

[source: FiLMiC Pro]

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