Rigging Up the Canon R5 C for Shooting Video

Even a camera better optimized for video production could use some help getting rigged up. Compact options need a bit more help.

Today we are checking out the Canon EOS R5 C which, thanks to a design based on a mirrorless camera, could use some extra bits and pieces to make the shooting experience a bit more streamlined.

The rig showed off by cammackey revolves around SmallRig components and making sure that the entire setup remains compact and easy to maneuver. You can even pick and choose how far you want to take it on any given day to get just what you need to each shoot.

No surprises on where he starts – a full cage. SmallRig makes a dedicated R5 C cage and it is worth picking up the kit that includes a top handle and cable clamp. An alternate option is to pick up the half cage which provides just enough points and a bit more security since it has some connection points that keep it from rotating or wiggling.

The half cage is what he shows off in the video and a benefit of that is it is lightweight and doesn’t get in the way if you want to pick it up for a photo shoot. On top he throws on a NATO rail, something I also recommend since it makes it easy to attach things like top handles or monitor mounts.

Image Credit: SmallRig

A noted flaw with the R5 C is the battery life. Sticking with the common LP-E6 was a seemingly sensible choice, but I’m not sure how great of a choice it was since that pack has limitations on power output and in capacity. For a better experience there is the Anton Bauer Titon Base.

It’ll use a dummy battery and give you a long life, however you still won’t be able to max out the R5 C’s performance for fully-featured 8K 60p recording.

Image Credit: SmallRig

For further building out the rig he is adding a baseplate. The SmallRig cages have been coming with an Arca-type compatible base which makes them directly compatible with a lot of SmallRig’s options. The main base kit has an Arca-type clamp and allows you to add on some more accessories or 15mm rods. One thing he attaches is a V-mount battery plate with rod hinge.

Image Credit: Fxlion

A popular compact V-mount battery is the FXlion NANO ONE 50Wh. There are D-tap and USB-C connections directly on the pack. It does seems to get in the way of the flip-out-screen. This battery plate flips out so you can quickly take the screen out and put it back away to keep it safe.

The way the R5 C works the USB Power Delivery port will give you maximum functionality. Using the USB port on the battery means you can get the best 8K 60p performance.

It’s a nice straightforward build. Makes sense considering the R5 C is still designed more for video production than for stills.

What did you think about the rig?

[source: cammackey]

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