Atomos Cloud Studio Goes Live, Connect Ships

Atomos has launched Cloud Studio Live, along with the first three Connect modules that power it. From the small budget Zato Connect to the Atomos Connect for Ninja V/V+ and the Showgun Connect, Atomos Cloud Studio can now provide a wireless transmission workflow to enable productions of any budget to live in the Cloud from camera to picture lock.

Image Credit – Atomos

Atomos Cloud Studio works in concert with Atomos Stream (for live streaming) and Atomos Capture to Cloud, to create camera-to-cloud workflows within the Atomos ecosystem.

Through all three Connect modules, Cloud Studio can link any compatible camera, smartphone, or other device to share and collaborate in real-time. Atomos Capture to Cloud will launch later this month in collaboration with Frame.IOs/Adobe’s Camera to Cloud services.

Meanwhile, the Amazon Stream service will enable anyone to GoLive using the Connect modules, with simplistic configuration and support for real-time delivery to a single platform including Facebook Live, Twitch, YouTube, and others.

Later in the year, Atomos will also launch Atomos ReStream, which will enable users to place their live streams on more than one platform simultaneously.

Image Credit – Atomos

The key to the Cloud Studio and Streaming services are the Atomos Connect devices. From the SDI Atomos Connect for Ninja V/V+ to the Atomos Shogun Connect for HDR and Raw recording, to the single HDMI and USB-centric Atomos Zato Connect, these three connect modules cover just about every compatible camera or mobile solution out there.

The Zato Connect system can also be used to support online team meetings through Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and other conferencing software.

It offers support for WiFi-5 and Gigabit Ethernet, and through the use of AtomOS Lite, the connect modules can provide essential tools to record streams and overlay graphics.

Meanwhile, through Atomos’ AirGlu wireless protocol, timecode can be synced across multiple cameras and power options to provide a variety of on-set configurations and wireless connections.

Productions can also share the wireless signal to multiple devices on set, through Atomos NDI-HX, their standard for communication between multiple devices.

This will enable sharing of video locally, as well as in the cloud.

Atomos says that the combination of these Atomos Cloud Studio with Connect, wireless devices establish an ecosystem that makes it easy for anyone creating a video to share media, collaborate with remote team members, or increase production value in new ways to make the production run smoother while keeping clients in the loop.

[source: Atomos]

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