FCC Documents Hint DJI Avata FPV Drone Launch Might Be Imminent

FCC documents indicate that the DJI’s nextgen FPV Avata Drone could be launched soon. The FCC issued a grantee code of SS3, which indicates that the wireless communication modules in the drone have passed FCC standards testing and this is traditionally an indication of an imminent launch.

The DJI Avata is a first-person view (FPV) drone that is popular with drone racers because of its nimble flight performance and characteristics. But there’s an emerging filmmaking technique known as “cinewhoop” which takes advantage of the FPV’s nimble, yet slow and steady flight characteristics, with a high definition camera to capture stunning 4K video.

Image Credit – OsitaLV, Twitter

It’s very popular for indoor flights, as the video below demonstrates:

Though there have been little in the way of officially released images or details of the DJI Avata however, there have been recent leaks of the drone found by drone watcher OsitaLV.

The images show a compact and lightweight drone with shortened three-inch, five-bladed propellers, in a unibody ducted fan design.

Image Credit – OsitaLV/Twitter

OsitaLVs leak speculates that the drone will have a recessed gimbal and a 1080p camera, and multiple flight modes. The Avata is also believed to have a 2420 mAh battery, which is slightly larger than traditional FPV power sources, and could indicate that the drone will have a longer flight time than DJI’s current FPV drone with its twenty-minute flight window.

The Avata was rumored to have been delayed due to DJI moving production to a new facility. However, assigning the FCC grantee code could be an indication that DJI has moved into production and will soon be launching the drone in a future drone announcement event.

In a “drone roadmap” for 2022 leaked by DealsDrone, there is a listing for an “FPV mini” drone being announced in the later half of the year. With the grantee code assignment, the road is clear for that drone to be introduced within the coming weeks.

Alongside this imminent announcement, the FCC also granted clearance for a new pair of DJI Goggles v2 and an OS3 Air Unit. The Goggles 2 is the next generation of DJI Goggles, and there are apparently two models, though the documentation indicates there is no apparent difference in specs or circuitry.

This could indicate a model number assigned to a FlyMore style kit version and a model that is simply sold separately.

Meanwhile, the O3 Air Unit listing provides no details, but the air unit presumably provides a camera and wireless transmission unit for improved wireless video transmission. Only time will tell if this proves to be accurate.

[source: Tech Radar]

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