Meike Announces Extension Tubes for L-Mount Lenses

Meike has released a pair of macro extension tubes for Panasonic L-Mount lenses, which enable shooters to capture extreme close-up images without the need for a dedicated macro lens.

The MK-L-AF1 set of tubes comes with a 13mm and 18mm extension tube and will increase the “throw” of a lens further away from the sensor, thereby giving the lens a closer minimum focus to the image.

The extension tubes cut the minimum focusing distance of the lens, thereby giving the photographer the ability to move closer to the subject with optics not designed for close-up work.

The tubes can also be stacked together to provide a total of 31mm of additional throw, for even closer focusing.

Image Credit – Meike

Extension tubes are often an affordable alternative to purchasing a dedicated macro lens which may only be used on rare occasions by videographers and photographers looking to capture an image extremely close up, especially when using a lens that doesn’t have a great minimum focusing distance for that kind of purpose.

Since Panasonic is one of the only camera companies that doesn’t offer first-party extension tubes, the Meike set may be the first to offer third-party support to the Lumix platform.

As such, the company points out in its literature that both 13mm and 18mm tubes are designed to work specifically with Panasonic full-frame L-Mount lenses and cameras.

However, Sigma and Leica L-Mount lenses may possibly work in a manual setting, at least until it becomes clear whether Meike supports third-party L-mount lens options for more automatic options.

Image Credit – Meike

This could mean that the tubes support a pass-through of autofocus distance data to the camera, which is something that other L-Mount lenses may not support, at least not without a firmware update.

There is also no word if the support of autofocus distance may also support adjustment of the aperture settings as well. Meike doesn’t really go into much detail on just how flexible the data connection is.

However, with a list price of $60 for the two-tube set, even if it works in manual or just with Panasonic L-mount lenses, they are a solid investment for capturing an extreme close-up image from time to time. Available through Meike Direct.

[source: Meike]

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