Why the Angelbird SE 512GB is One of the Best Selling CFexpress Cards

Most people don’t think too much about memory cards. You either go find the brand that you have always used, pick up the fastest one you can, or you pick up the cheapest one that works for your camera.

Honestly, that is generally all you need to do. However, the latest CFexpress cards unlock your camera’s top capabilities and they can get super expensive. It might be worth looking around.

In this case a lot of shoppers have already looked and landed on the Angelbird 512GB SE CFexpress Type B card. If you want an explanation as to what makes this card special there is a quick breakdown from ProAV TV.

Going back to my opening statement, there actually is an obvious reason why the Angelbird SE is so popular—it’s cheap. For the size and speed it is able to undercut everyone else.

Angelbird tuned this card exactly for this purpose with a single, large size and a speed rating that while not record breaking is going to do the trick for most modern cameras.

The speed of a CFexpress Type B can theoretically hit up to 2,000 MB/s. This one has a rating of 1,785 MB/s on the card, but it is the sustained speed that matters for videographers and this has a relatively conservative 800 MB/s speed.

There is only one camera on the market right now that demands more than that right now – the RED V-RAPTOR at its highest settings. Everything else will work wonderfully with this card.

Image Credit: Angelbird

I’m talking about the Canon EOS R5 C, FUJIFILM X-H2S, Panasonic GH6, etc. All of those much more common camera systems will have their needs met by the Angelbird SE card.

The other reason this card is selling well is that Angelbird is a reliable brand in the media world. They are newer, but in that time have proven themselves.

They have a good warranty and have service options to make sure you aren’t stuck with a dead card.

Sometimes you don’t actually need the best and good enough can do the trick and save you money at the same time.

[source: ProAV TV]

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