Check Out These Affordable Accessory Upgrades for Your Sony FX6

Even well designed cinema cameras with plenty of integrated tools and controls could use a bit of extra kit to make it even better.

The Sony FX6 is one of those cameras that people love for its design, yet benefits greatly from accessories. Audio, power, mounting points, and media are the most common categories addressed by accessories and it is no different here.

The team at absorb media put together a quick piece that runs through some of their favorite accessories to use with the FX6. It’s a great starting point. It has a lot of smaller items or pieces that you can easily build off of to create a full rig.

1. Rode VXLR Pro

The Rode VXLR Pro is a small XLR adapter that converts XLR to a 3.5mm jack. The pro model has an additional power regular that will convert the phantom power to 4V plug-in power.

This is helpful if you plan on using something like the DJI Mic wireless system or Rode Wireless GO. It easily pops into the XLR jacks on the handle.

Rode VXLR Pro Adapter

Image Credit: Rode

2. Mic Spacer

One of the annoying things about all of Sony’s XLR handles is that the mic holder is designed for thicker mics (like Sonys…). You’ll want to pick up a rubber mic spacer to use any mic you have and have it fit securely.

3. Wasabi BP-U60

Sony’s battery packs can be really expensive so you’ll likely want to find some alternative options. Wasabi makes some good affordable packs and their BP-U60 is a great in-between size. These things will get around 4 hours of runtime with the FX6.

Wasabi BP-U60 Battery Pack

Image Credit: Wasabi Power

4. Kondor Blue Body Cap

This isn’t necessary but it is nice: the Kondor Blue Metal Body Cap. Made out of metal it also locks into place. It looks nice as well. It’s a small part but feels good when you put it on the camera and protects a very important part.

Kondor Blue Aluminum Body Cap

Image Credit: Kondor Blue

5. Tilta Battery Plate Adapter

If you want maximum power you can pick up the Tilta Battery Plate Adapter. It slides right into the camera’s battery port and offers a V-lock battery slot. Then you can use the bigger batteries, like the Came-TV 99Wh V-Lock Battery.

Tilta Battery Plate for FX6

Image Credit: Tilta

6. Tilta Camera Cage

No matter how many mounting points are on a camera a cage can help complete your rig. It helps with accessories, cable management, and any types of handles or other grips. It will help flesh out your rig.

7. SanDisk Extreme Pro 512GB SD Card

For best value media, he recommends the SanDisk 512GB Extreme Pro SD Card with 170 MB/s speeds. It’ll work just fine with your high-quality 24p recording. However, it won’t work with some of the top slow-motion settings since those require the faster media.

SanDisk 512GB Extreme PRO SD Card

Image Credit: SanDisk

Do you have any favorite accessories for your FX6?

[source: absorb media]

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  • Rubber Mic Spacer (B&H)
  • Wasabi BP-U60 Battery Pack (Amazon)
  • Kondor Blue Aluminum Body Cap (B&H, Amazon)
  • Tilta Battery Plate for FX6 (B&H)
  • Tilta Camera Cage Basic Kit for Sony FX6 (B&H, Amazon)
  • SanDisk 512GB Extreme PRO UHS-I SDXC Memory Card (B&H, Amazon)

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