GDU Fortifies Canon RF Lenses for Extreme Shooting Conditions

Camera accessory company Global Dynamics United has announced a pair of armored Canon RF lenses that can stand up to the most extreme and violent camera shots and come out on the other side.

The two lenses are the GDU Armored RF 50mm F1.8 and GDU Armored RF 16mm F2.8 lenses and join GDUs previous armored 24mm F2.8 EF mount Electronic-Only Cine Lens.

Image Credit – Global Dynamics United

Designed to be attached to cameras that could essentially be damaged due to their close proximity to impact, like from a mounted car that flips, or from a drone flying aloft, the lenses have been reassembled inside of an outer shell machined from billet 6061 aluminum, with a red metal lens hood bolted to the lens face, and an internal metal mask in its housing.

This robust construction is designed to keep them light, yet “almost indestructible” according to the company.

Image Credit – Global Dynamics United

Outside of its robust housing which promises to enable these lenses to take a pretty good punch, the original Canon EF lens circuitry and lens element designs remain intact.

However, all external switches have been removed so that they won’t be damaged when the impact comes.

Image Credit – Global Dynamics United

Camera operators can still rely on automatic internal autofocus and aperture adjustment functions, triggered by the camera, or through remote applications like the RED Control remote camera control app.

Image Credit – Global Dynamics United

The lenses are able to choose from the complete aperture range of F2.8-F22, with the minimum focus remaining at 5.1 inches (.13m).

The lenses also cover full-frame image sensors without vignetting, while also supporting other sensors including 8K sensors including RED’s Raptor VV, Monstro VV, and all S35 and S35+ sensor schemes.

But all wrapping those lenses in a tough, aluminum skin doesn’t come cheap, with the retail price of the GDU Armored RF 50mm F1.8 being $499, while the GDU Armored RF 16mm F2.8 lens retails for $599. By contrast, the OEM Canon RF versions sell for $159 and $299 respectively.

There’s also an armored bundle that includes both lenses and a 40mm touch-and-go baseplate to mount the camera on for $1299.

Image Credit – Global Dynamics United

That is well over a 200% markup, which could be worth it to get the shot during a violent stunt like a car crash or explosion, which could result in going through several lenses, or even cameras, should the shot have to be duplicated on another take.

The question, however, is will the camera survive?

Both lenses are available for same-day picking from GDU in Hollywood or shipped overnight to anywhere in the world when an order is placed by 2 PM PT. For more information, check out the GDU Shopify website.

[source: GDU]

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