Canon Announces Sixth Firmware Update for the EOS C70 Cinema Camera

Canon released the EOS C70 Cinema Camera two years ago this month. And since that time, the company has been steadily releasing new firmware updates to improve the overall performance and quality of the image this 4K cinema camera produces.

With the sixth new update, Canon goes one step further adding a new HDR color codec and improvements to autofocus.

Image Credit: Canon

Firmware Version’s main feature could be considered Canon 709 with Canon Monitor Transfer (CMT) 709 Viewing Assistance.

With the new custom color profile, the C70 maintains the same dynamic range as the Wide DR color profile, but improves contrast for a better cinematic look, especially in brighter conditions where the image would “clip” at the upper range.

Canon says that the new 709 profile provides a richer, more cinematic look to the 4K image without having to spend time color grading in post.

Meanwhile, CMT 709 Viewing Assistance will enable shooters to view the profile natively when using a REC 709-compliant monitor, and will also support viewing of Canon Log 2 and Log 3.

Image Credit – Canon

Canon has also added Eye Detection Autofocus, Face Detection AF, and Subject Tracking during slow and fast recording with frame rates ranging from 24-120 frames per second.

The result is more accurate autofocus performance, no matter the frame rate, and the ability to switch from one eye to another. Eye Detection AF will also reacquire focus when the eye goes out of frame or is obscured.

Other new features of the firmware include XF-AVC 4K Intra-frame recording at 60p, with bit rates of up to 600 Mbps. The lightweight codec offers easier handling of files and the ability to record natively to an onboard SD card.

Canon has also introduced a new IP-based XC Protocol for multi-camera remote control via the Canon RC-IP100 remote controller, or other third-party solutions that support the XC protocol.

The update also brings full communication with the Canon EF mount 45-135mm Flex Zoom lens and the Cine-Servo 15-120mm zoom lens. The lenses will now be able to transmit T-stop display, chromatic aberration correction, Dual Pixel CMOS AF, and Dual Pixel Focus Guide.

Image Credit – Canon

Lastly, Canon has performed a few housekeeping adjustments, enabling the camera to maintain settings when switching between normal, slow, and fast recording modes, and will now display all four audio channels with a level meter display on the camera’s LCD screen. That’s a nice feature.

The firmware update will be available as a free download on December 8th, 2022 from the Canon C70 Support Website.

[source: CanonUSA]

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