FilmConvert Announces Nitrate and CineMatch Camera Packs for Sony FX30

FilmConvert Nitrate and CineMatch apps can now support footage captured by the Sony FX30 Cinema Camera. Using these apps, content creators can color correct, plus add cinematic film-like grain to their video footage using emulations of actual film stock scanned in 6K.

If you haven’t heard of FilmConvert Nitrate, the app gives video the classic look of film through the use of dedicated camera packs for every major camera brand to deliver a big-screen, cinematic appearance.

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The app has custom camera profiles for a wide variety of camera models and pairs them to 6K scans of over 19 different 35mm film stocks so that a one-man crew can get the cinematic quality they are looking for without having to hire an entire team of colorists for color matching.

The content creator can even create custom LUTs to apply to the footage as it’s being made for a consistent color and dynamic range.

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Speaking of color matching, FilmConvert Cinematch enables everyone from the beginner, to the most seasoned professional to match the Log picture style from one take to another.

When more than one camera model is being deployed on a shoot, filmmakers can match footage shot in S-Log 2 or 3, C-Log, Blackmagic Raw, V-Log/L, RED IPP2, and others.

CineMatch profiles the camera’s sensor and then compensates for the differences. It then applies REC 709 color science models for accurate camera matching, making the source and target footage appear to share the same color, dynamic range, and grain.

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FilmConvert adds new camera profiles over the course of time, and the Sony FX30 is the latest cinema camera to receive the treatment.

With a backside illuminated 26.1 MP APS-C/Super 35mm image sensor, the FX30 can record 4k video at up to 60 frames per second, oversampled from a 6K resolution image surface.

The FX30 enjoys more than 14 stops of dynamic range when using S-Log3, and offers other shooting modes including Cine EI, Cine EI Quick, and Flexible ISO.

Image Credit – SONY

Currently, FilmConvert is running its annual Christmas sale, and users can purchase a one-year subscription to both FilmConvert Nitrate and ColorMatch for up to 30 percent off.

The FilmConvert Nitrate Bundle offers all available camera plugins that can be applied to multiple editing apps including Adobe Premiere Pro + After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and DaVinci Resolve.

This bundle is also good for those who work across platforms in both Windows and macOS.

The sale price is currently $174. Meanwhile, users can opt for individual editing profile packages dedicated to specific NLEs for $125. The FilmConvert Cinematch upgrade is also $125.

Nitrate users will simply install the camera profiles into their NLEs, while the entire Cinematch app has to be upgraded to apply any new camera profile, in this case, the Sony FX30.

Users can also download free trials of each app to try it out for themselves before purchasing. Check it out at and

[source: FilmConvert]

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