RED’s Jarred Land Teases Komodo C2C Update

As one last holiday gift to the faithful, the 6K RED Komodo Cinema Camera is getting a huge firmware update which includes support for Camera to Cloud through and S3.

The firmware was leaked by Land himself, who took a picture of an email he sent to a filmmaker with the Komodo 1.7.0 firmware attached, which he then posted to Facebook.

Image Credit – Jarred Land, RED

“OK Scott, check your email.”

Land then said “OK Scott, Check your email,” presumably to Scott Balkum of Big Sur. If one had to guess, it may be that Balkum was either beta testing the new update, or as a friend of Land’s got the update early for a production he was on location with.

Either way, the post included a list of “significant changes since build 1.6.5,” And included the following updates and changes:

  • Added ELQ R3D Quality
  • Added Cloud Upload Capability ( and S3)
  • Added Autofocus Improvements
  • Added accelerometer and gyro data to R3D
  • Added Gio Scope (according to CineD, this is a RAW-based false color tool that breaks down the sensor’s dynamic range into 16 increments, while not being affected by ISO settings, WB, or LUTs)
  • Added enhanced Timecode behavior
  • Added External Only Audio over SDI Improvements
  • Added Sensor Sync Shift
  • Added PTP Timecode Support
  • Added ‘Basic’ Overlay Mode
  • Added ‘Standard’ Overlay Mode
  • Added Overlay Opacity
  • Added Guide Pixel Dimensions in UI
  • Added GPO Record Indicator Out support
  • Added RCP2 External lens data support
  • Added RCO2 support for sensor time and exposure
  • Added Play/Pause indicators in Playback
RED KOMODO 6K Cinema Camera

Image Credit: RED

The image gets cut off from there, but if you infer a few words, you get the following:

Added USB drive support for logs, presets, and …
Added ‘…get’ not clearing cached network …
Added ….. lens aperture not displayed …
Added …. freezing after change …

There are a few others, but not enough details to really describe it. Something about buttons. Anyway, as one can see, the RED Komodo vs. 1.7.0 firmware update has a ton of new features coming and will be able to interface with Camera 2 Cloud services like which will dramatically cut down the post-production time of Komodo users.

There’s no news on when the vs. 1.7.0 update will be released by RED, with Land even saying that while the RED team is working really hard on the build, “there is no promise of a ‘Christmas miracle’”.

Then again, Land did make his email public by sharing it on social media with an image, so it may be that it’s coming sooner rather than later.  Christmas is still four days away, so here’s hoping Santa has noticed we’ve all been good!

[source: Jarred Land, Facebook/CineD]

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