Check Out This Amazing DJI ActiveTrack Drone Hack

You can’t deny that DJI’s built-in tracking modes can be impressive while also saving you a lot of time and energy.

When you only have so much flight time to get the shot an ActiveTrack option can nail it in no time at all. That’s assuming that you got it to work right and that isn’t always a guarantee.

Filmmaker Ted Nemeth has identified a couple issues with DJI’s tracking on drones like the Mini 3 Pro, Mavic 3, and Air 2S. He also has some tips and tricks for making sure that the tracking locks on and stays on target.

Among the most annoying problem is the camera’s tendency to keep performing corrections to track a moving subject. This takes the form of jittery footage or pans and tilts that just don’t work if you are trying to capture cinematic footage.

The reason behind this is that when you select a subject it tries to recognize the type of subject it is, such as a person.

It’ll then scan the scene for each frame to try and find and track that subject. This constant scanning results in constant little adjustments since it is far from perfect.

Image Credit: DJI

To get around this you should instead select an inanimate object or part of the scene that is static. When you do this the camera is instead locking onto a geo pin and makes it stop scanning the individual frames. The result is a much smoother shot.

If you do this on the path of the subject it’ll nail the same shot you were going for by tracking the subject but without the jitters. Very helpful in low light as well.

Image Credit: DJI

Don’t be afraid to use this technique when you don’t have much time to get the shot as it should be much more reliable.

Another time when the geo pin can help is if you have a shot where the subject becomes obscured by another object. Since the drone can’t find the subject in the frame it’ll get confused. With the geo pin it’ll stay locked on.

Other situations where you may run into tracking problems are when the subject is too small. For wider establishing shots you may find that the drone just won’t identify the subject.

Image Credit: DJI

The geo pin tracking option should work regardless of distance. Again, make sure the pin is located along the path.

There are situations where ActiveTrack is better. Cars moving slowly on a set street without and extremely busy background seem to be easy for the drone.

Some trial and error may be needed to see where it works well. You will also find scenarios where it’s just not going to work at all, such as with extremely busy backgrounds.

What do you think about the geo pin trick?

[source: Ted Nemeth]

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