Edelkrone Rethinks the Tripod with StandPLUS

Edelkrone does what it does best by rethinking the everyday tools that content creators rely on, and this time around, it’s turned its out-of-the-box gaze on the Tripod.

With StandPLUS, the company has not only reimagined how filmmakers can lock down their cameras but has created a design that provides a quiver of camera angles without having to turn a single knob or clip.

Image Credit – Edelkrone

The StandPLUS looks to be an upscaled variant of Edelkrone’s popular FlexTILT camera head, if not in design, then at least in spirit and thinking.

The StandPLUS is built to be compact and collapsible, light and easy to carry, easy to store, and robust in its enduring use.

It is meant to free up content creators to spend less time behind the camera adjusting for the proper angle and more on shooting content.

Capable of rapidly adjusting to a variety of angles, the retractable StandPLUS gives content creators the ability to adjust from fully collapsible to setting the camera to the desired angle within seconds.

There are no knobs to tighten down or buttons to press, and solid metal balls on the souls of the tripod legs enable users to rotate and move the StandPLUS rather easily.

Image Credit – Edelkrone

StandPLUS also has a square handle control with which to adjust the camera angle from down low, to a classic overhead shot, and can keep the camera locked down due to friction already built into the design.

The device can collapse down to a minimum of 19.6 inches in operational height, to a maximum of 61.4 inches for some great overhead angles.

Image Credit – Edelkrone

Originally marketed in 2016, StandPLUS has been redesigned to be even more compact and lightweight through the use of high-quality CNC-machined aluminum parts.

It can fold down to just under 4.3 inches x 4.3 inches by 21.6 inches (11x11x55cm) and weights about 4.5 pounds (2.5kg). It has a maximum carrying capacity of 5.5 pounds.

Deploying a camera package using the StandPLUS, content creators will be able to think up a camera angle, make the proper adjustment, and hit records nearly instantly.

And users will be able to move the camera from one side of the set to another without losing that adjustment or having to redo it.

All told, StandPLUS does what Edelkrone has always been good at, getting the camera where the creator wants it to be, without having to wrestle with equipment to get there. It’s literally just “set it and forget it” until it needs to be set again.

The retail price of the Edelkrone StandPLUS is $490 with free shipping and pre-paid duty and taxes. This is very competitive with sticks made by competitors like Manfrotto, Oben, or Slik, to name a few.

It is available now through Edelkrone.com and authorized retailers.

[source: Edelkrone]

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