BeastGrip’s New Anamorphic Lens Designed to be Future Proofed

One of the drawbacks of third-party lenses for your smartphone is that it won’t be long before those lenses are no longer supported thanks to the rapid-fire nature of smartphone development.

Simply put, if a filmmaker upgrades to a new iPhone because of a great new feature like Cinematic mode, chances are, the upgrade cascade will force them to buy a new set of lenses to match.

Beastgrip is aiming to change all that with a redesigned Beastgrip Pro Series 1.33X Anamorphic Lens MK2 for your smartphone, which not only provides a brilliant cinematic widescreen squeeze to your images but is future-proofed to do it for years to come.

“With technologies, these days developing at lightning-fast speeds, smartphones are not the exception,” says Beastgrip’s Oleg Gavronski. “It creates new challenges for external lenses.”

Image Credit – Beastgrip

Gavronski goes on to say that the Achilles heel for external lenses is that they are mostly developed around older smartphone cameras, and as such, won’t provide the same results with newer platforms.

Analyzing their family of lenses with this realization in mind, Beastgrip designers started over and created a next-generation 1.33x anamorphic lens that provides a cinematic image from edge to edge on the larger image sensors found in today’s smartphones, but also leaves room to grow in future handsets.

The Beastgrip Pro Series 1.33X Anamorphic Lens MK2 offers a larger field of view and promises cinematic sharpness and contrast across the entire image frame.

The lens also produces a more natural-looking horizontal lens flare that is iconic in the anamorphic image.

Image Credit – Beastgrip

The lens also works across the main 1x and 2x telephoto cameras on a smartphone, providing additional options for camera angles. The 1.33x optical squeeze translates to a 2.4:1 aspect ratio for that cinematic widescreen look.

With two lens elements arranged in dual groups, the lens offers a sharp image with bold colors and low lens distortion. All lenses are coated with a multi-layer, anti-reflection broadband coating with a range of 400nm-700nm.

There’s also an integrated 58mm filter mount to add any additional modifiers, like a neutral density filter, diffuser filters, or even diopter filters for a more professional-looking close-up.

Image Credit – Beastgrip

The lens is made of machined aluminum for added toughness, with a rotating barrel to get the proper alignment when composing your image.

The lens can work with both the Beastgrip Beastcage for the iPhone, as well as the Universal Beastgrip cage.

The Beastgrip Pro Series 1.33X Anamorphic Lens MK2 is available now for $199 at

[source: Beastgrip]

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