Aputure Launches a Dozen New Lights Across Three Product Lines

Aputure has announced its 2023 light lineup which includes a dozen new products spread across three separate product lines.

The new products include new Amaran bi-color point-source lights, Aputure’s new full-color Infinibar LED Pixel light bar, and an updated version of the Aputure 100x S Lightbox setup.

amaran S Series COB LED Lights

Apurture’s COB S Series LED Lightbox offers a redesigned chip-on-board LED configuration that more effectively manages power without sacrificing color accuracy.

Seeking to make lighting colors even more accurate, the Amaran COB S series has six lights ranging from 60-200 watts in both daylight and bi-color configurations.

Image Credit – Aputure

The new S series uses two dual blue light emitters, each emitting different wavelengths. When combined, the resulting LED light is smoother and fuller across the LED spectrum, achieving higher SSI values in both daylight and tungsten color temperatures.

This results in a jump of SSI scores of between 86 and 87 points, and even reaching up to 90 with bicolor lights, more than a fifteen-point jump in its performance.

The real-world results translate to more accurate skin tones and color balance, and brighter light output. The SOB S series can emit up to 37,800 lux at 1 meter for the Amaran 60s S, and up to 34,600 lux at 1 meter for the Amaran 100 d S, while using hyper reflectors.

Image Credit – Aputure

Meanwhile, the brighter amaran 200d and 200x S lights achieve 55,800 lux at 1 meter and 45,400 lux at 1 meter respectively. The Bi-Color S series also offers a correlated color temperature range of between 2700k-6500k, with step-less dimming from 0-100 percent, making it an ideal entry-level and affordable COB model for budding filmmakers.

Image Credit – Aputure

The COB S series also has the standard Bowens mount, making it compatible with all of Apturures light modifier products, as well as those from third-party competitors.

The 60w lights also offer multiple power options including AC power, D-Tap to 5.5mm 12v DC Barrell connections, or using dual Sony NP-F batteries through an optional battery plate.

While the 100 and 200-watt S lights are powered by a 48 v DC power input from Aputure’s 2-Bay battery power station, AC power adapter, or other battery power options.

The lights can also be controlled from an integrated LCD screen and knobs, without the need for a separate control unit hanging from the light stand. They can also be adjusted remotely from the Aputure Sidus control app.

With these upgrades, Aputure has managed to keep the price of their COB S series the same as the previous generations. This makes the Amaran 60d S $169 while the 60x S will retail for $199.

The Amaran 100d S also retails for $199, while the 100x S will retail for $249. The 200d S and 200x S COB lights will retail for $299 and $349 respectively.

The Amaran Pixel Tube

After extensive customer feedback, Aputure has created the amaran Pixel Tubes, with three separate models, the 1-foot PT1c, the 2-foot PT2c, and the 4-foot PT4c. With a built-in lithium battery, these RGBWW color LEDs offer up to 4-pixel lighting zones per foot, 180° rotatable plastic end caps with built-in magnets, and 3/8-16 mounting points.

Image Credit – Aputure

The lights offer a 2700K to 10000K CCT Range, with advanced HSI with White Point CCT Control and fully tunable green-magenta adjustment. This translates to a CRI rating of 95, a TLCI rating of 98, and an SSI rating of 85.

Image Credit – Aputure

Supported by Aputure’s Sidus Link App control or via a DMX adapter, the lights offer nine system effects including Fireworks, Fire, Paparazzi, Faulty Bulbs, Pulsing, Cop Car, Lightning, and party lights.

There are also seven Pixel fx including color fade, color cycle, Pixel Fire, and Pixel chase settings from one to three. The lights can also be controlled manually.

The 1-foot PT1c offers a battery life of 70 minutes of continual use at max power. Meanwhile, the PT2c and PT4c offer a battery life of up to 170 minutes at max power. They can also support PD Quick charging via USB, which can replenish the batteries in around two to three hours.

The retail price of the amaran Pixel Tube starts at $139 for the PT1c, $299 for the PT2c, and 429 for the PT4c. There are also two light bundles available for the PT2c and PT4c starting at $598 and $838 respectively. Preorders are being taken for the PT2c and PT4c, while the PT1c is available now.

The Aputure Infinibar

Lastly, Aputure has announced the Infinibar PB 3, PB6, and PB12, linear lights with CR Max features. Designed in 1-decimeter, 2-decimeter, and 4-decimeter lengths, the Infinibar goes beyond the standard tube light, with a rectilinear form factor that houses high pixel density and CRX lighting controls.

Image Credit – Aputure

Fully Tunable, the Infinibar offers a CCT range of between 2,000K and 10000K, with +G/M adjustments and advanced HSI with White Point control.

The lights have a CRI rating of ≥96, a TLCI rating of ≥98, and an SSI rating of between ≥74 (D56) and ≥85 (Tungsten), with over 90% of colors within the Rec 2020 color space.

The design allows the lights to be connected end to end for a wide variety of lighting options and infinite blending configurations with no visible gaps.

There are also 10 splicing connectors that offer straight, triangle flat, square flat, and even 3d Hexagon shapes with up to 6-way flat connections.

The lights come with an Infinibar Clamp with Baby Pin, Neodymium Magnets, and 1/4-20 mounts on the ends for even more mounting options.

Image Credit – Aputure

The Infinibar also has the highest pixel density on the market with 24 RGB Pixel Zones for the PB3, 48 zones for the PB6, and 96 zones for the PB12.

The lights are also controlled independently through Sidus Link, controlling up to 1024 pixels across all lights in the array.

Image Credit – Aputure

Like the amaran Pixel Tubes, the Aputure Infinibar offers nine system effects including Fireworks II, Fire II, Paparazzi II, Faulty Bulb II, TV III, Pulsing III, Cop Car III, Lightning III, and Party II.

There are also seven Pixel fx including color fade, color cycle, Pixel Fire, and Pixel chase settings from one to three. There are also over 300 gel presets.

The lights also support Sidius Pro for programming up to 10 custom lighting and music effects and can be incorporated into DMX and CRMX computer-controlled workflows with both hardwired and wireless setups.

Image Credit – Aputure

The retail price of the Aputure Infinibar is $299 for the 1-foot PB3, $479 for the 2-foot PB6, and $639 for the 4-foot PB12. There are also eight light kits for $4850 for the PB6 and $6350 for the PB12.

The multi-light shaping kit with the splicing connectors is an optional $1390, and individual connectors range from $29-139.

Complete specs can be found on the Aputure Website.

[source: Aputure]

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  • amaran COB 100x S Bi-Color LED Monolight (B&H)
  • amaran COB 200d S Daylight LED Monolight (B&H)
  • amaran COB 200x S Bi-Color LED Monolight (B&H)
  • amaran PT1c 1’ RGB LED Pixel Tube Light (B&H)
  • amaran PT2c 2’ RGB LED Pixel Tube Light (B&H)
  • amaran PT2c RGB LED Pixel Tube Light 2′, 2-Light Production Kit (B&H)
  • amaran PT4c 4’ RGB LED Pixel Tube Light (B&H)
  • amaran PT4c RGB LED Pixel Tube Light 4′, 2-Light Production Kit (B&H)
  • Aputure INFINIBAR PB3 1 ‘ RGB LED Light Panel (B&H)
  • Aputure INFINIBAR PB6 2 ‘ RGB LED Light Panel (B&H)
  • Aputure INFINIBAR PB6 2 ‘ RGB LED Light Panel Eight Light Kit (B&H)
  • Aputure INFINIBAR PB12 4 ‘ RGB LED Light Panel (B&H)
  • Aputure INFINIBAR PB12 4 ‘ RGB LED Light Panel Eight Light Kit (B&H)
  • Aputure Infinibar MultiLight Shaping Kit (B&H)
  • Aputure Infinibar Splicing Connector (B&H)

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