DJI Flexes with New Ronin 4D Cinema Camera Extension

DJI has released a new modular extension of the Ronin 4D Cinema Camera that promises to give users more flexibility when it comes to grabbing their shots.

Dubbed the Ronin 4D Flex, the camera module uses a similar tethered design as the Sony Venice 2 Extension unit which tethers the sensor block to the lens array.

Image Credit – DJI Global

“Ronin 4D reimagined what a single cinema camera can do by achieving a new standard of versatility, cinema quality, and image stability in one piece of equipment,” said Paul Pan, Senior Product Line Manager at DJI.

“4D Flex and the DL PZ 17-28mm Lens show the expansive capabilities of this platform to allow cinematographers to capture footage in completely new ways. With these products, we want to express that when it comes to what’s possible with DJI Pro, we’re only getting started.”

Image Credit – DJI Global

The Ronin 4D Flex enables camera operators to separate the DJI Zenmuse X9 lens array from the sensor block through the use of a cable extension that transmits image data to the camera brain for processing.

The cable itself is an ultra-thin, two-meter coaxial cable, which can manage resolutions up to 8K.

This enables the overall handheld camera weight of the Ronin 4D to be reduced by up to 34 percent to 1.8 kg. The result is that the camera operator can carry the Ronin 4D package for longer periods, during the recording of footage for documentaries, news gatherings, and even interviews.

Image Credit – DJI Global

Moreover, the extension also enables the camera lens array to be mounted on more compact camera heads used for cranes, gimbals, hand grips, and other remote mounting systems.

The system also supports LIDAR for autofocus and 3D space data, 4-axis image stabilization, and other digital features. The Ronin 4D Flex can also switch between the extended configuration, to an integrated configuration without the use of tools or lengthy balancing.

Image Credit – DJI Global

The retail price of the Ronin 4D Flex integration is $929, which includes the Flex module, a one-pan axis quick lock, two hand grip adapters, and a pair of adapter cables.

DJI has also released a new Apple ProRes RAW license for the Ronin 4D, which can be purchased separately for $979.

Image Credit – DJI Global

In addition, DJI has also announced a new ultra-high resolution zoom lens for the Ronin 4D platform. The DJI DL PZ 17-28mm T3.0 wide-angle zoom lens offers complete system calibration with full-frame coverage, autofocus, and an internal servo zoom for complete control of focusing.

The lens covers ultra-wide to wide-angle focal lengths and has a minimum focusing distance of about 35.5 inches (.19m). Weighing about 520g, the lens is also believed to be compatible with the DJI Inspire 3 drone, which uses the same Zenmuse X9 camera gimbal, providing drone operators with more lens options during flight.

The retail price of the DJI DL PZ 17-28mm T3.0 wide-angle zoom lens is $1,339. Both the Ronin 4 Flex and the new zoom lens are available now directly from DJI and authorized retailers.

[source: DJI]

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  • DJI Ronin 4D 4-Axis Cinema Camera 8K Combo Kit (B&H)
  • DJI Ronin 4D Flex Extension
  • DJI DL PZ 17-28mm T3.0 wide-angle zoom lens (Amazon)
  • DJI Apple ProRes License

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