Check Out this Free AI Tool for Creating Dope Deepfakes

Artificial intelligence has gone mainstream. There are now plenty of generative AI tools available to creatives and while it can be scary to think about just how good these systems are getting it should instead be exciting to see how these can be used to improve your own workflows.

One example of this is with tools that can replace an actor’s face with minimal work. There are actually free tools out there that you can use today to start playing around with AI deepfakes.

If you want to see how they work then has a fun video that shows some in action.

Swapface is the first one mentioned and it is completely free. Plus, they claim to not collect your private data and that the processes are all run locally on your machine.

That’s an important bit. Right now it is free because it still appears to be in an early testing stage and they are looking for feedback from users to fix bugs and stuff. So, it might not be free forever.

Anyway, some other options that were looked at were Deepswap and Faceswap, both paid.

All the programs do seem to work in very similar ways. All you do is upload the footage you want to edit and a photo of the person you want to insert into the footage and let the software run.

All the software here seems to do a pretty decent job with it, though it is a fairly simple and static clip they used as a test.

Doing another test he finds a clip of someone running which should require a bit more work from the software. This works surprisingly well. It’s not absolutely perfect, but for shorter clips and projects it can totally work.

In some other tests the footage continues to work very well, even when using photos generated by other AI tools.

If you haven’t started playing with these tools you should. It’s fun at the very least and might actually be useful for some of your upcoming projects.


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