ZHIYUN Announces Molus, a Pocket COB Light with a Professional Punch

ZHIYUN Tech is going deeper into the video lighting space with a pair of new pocket-sized bi-color video lights that are both affordable and easy enough for an amateur to deploy, yet powerful enough for a seasoned professional looking for a better mobile solution.

The MOLUS G60 and X100 professional pocket film lights offer powerful performance from a lightweight, one-man design, which removes the need for cumbersome lighting support products while shooting out in the field.

The Molus G60

With dimensions that the company says make them as small as a Rubik’s Cube and as light at 300 grams, the 60-watt bi-color Molus G60 COB video light offers a color correlated temperature (CCT) range of 2700K-6500K, with a CRI index rating of ≥96 and a TLCI rating of ≥97, providing a light that is highly accurate in color rendition.

Image Credit – ZHIYUN Tech

The G60 supports PD fast charging with a maximum power input of 100 watts, or a minimum of 18W. Standard fast charging is also supported and it has a maximum output of 60 watts.

The Molus X100

Conversely, the Molus X100 bi-color COB light has slightly more heft, with a weight of 385 grams. It has the same CCT range of 2700K-6500K, with 3881 Lux at one meter. The CRI is rated at ≥95, and the TLCI at ≥97.

Image Credit – ZHIYUN Tech

“X100 is a portable and pocket-sized 100W COB light that is always ready to go in any scenario, thanks to its camera-like design,” stated ZHIYUN Product Manager Xiaozhuo Feng. “It breaks down the industry stereotypes of bulky COB lighting.”

The X100 has additional features that include controlling the light with music accompaniment, as well as a recording function for repeating the function. For power input, the X100 supports several power supply accessories including a grip battery and a 120W DC power adapter.

Image Credit – ZHIYUN Tech

Using the optional X100 grip battery, the X100 does more than double in weight by 440 grams, but this enables the light to run at a constant 100 watts for a half hour.

Both lights remain cool thanks to the DynaVort Cooling System, which uses a gyroscope-modeled heat sink and field-oriented control fans to push the flow of air over the LCD and wick away the heat effectively.

The technology is based on fluid dynamics and attitude control algorithms which can intelligently control the airflow and prevent overheating. The result is smooth illumination without flickering while using 100 percent output.

Image Credit – ZHIYUN Tech

Each light also supports a Bluetooth mesh control feature for remote control adjustments through a mobile device, and can even control multiple lights in groups simultaneously.

For accessories, the lights support standard Bowens mount light modifiers through an adapter, including a mini reflector and mini softbox.

Image Credit – ZHIYUN Tech

Pricing and availability

The ZHIYUN MOLUS X100 is available for a retail price of $269 (USD), and there is a combo package that comes with an X100 grip battery, 120W DC power adapter & cable, a ZHIYUN Mini Reflector (ZY Mount), ZHIYUN Bowen Mount Adapter (ZY Mount) for $389. The Pro Package adds the Mini SoftBox (ZT mount) for $439.

The ZHIYUN MOLUS G60 retails for $199 (USD), with DC power adapter + cable, Bowens Mount Adapter (ZY Mount), ZHIYUN Mini Softbox (ZY Mount), ZHIYUN Mini Reflector (ZY Mount), and ZHIYUN Diffusion Dome for $249. Both lights also come with a soft storage bag.

The lights will ship in the latter half of March 2023 and are available from ZHIYUN’s Website directly, or from authorized retailers.

[source: ZHIYUN]

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  • Zhiyun MOLUS G60 Bi-Color Mini/Pocket COB Monolight Combo Kit (B&H, Amazon)
  • Zhiyun MOLUS X100 Bi-Color Pocket COB Monolight (B&H, Amazon)
  • Zhiyun MOLUS X100 Bi-Color Pocket COB Monolight Combo Kit (B&H, Amazon)
  • Zhiyun MOLUS X100 Bi-Color Pocket COB Monolight Pro Kit (B&H, Amazon)

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