Canon Surpasses Two Impressive Milestones for EOS Cameras

Canon has announced that the EOS Series of digital cameras has surpassed 110 million cameras produced, and 160 million interchangeable lenses.

The milestones were achieved in March and May of 2023 respectively.

Image Credit – Canon USA

Specifically, the EOS R6 Mk. II full-frame mirrorless camera, introduced in December of 2022, was the 110 Millionth camera to come off the line, while the RF100 F2.8 L Macro IS USM mirrorless lens, launched in July 2021, claimed the 160 millionth lens to be made.

Image Credit – Canon USA

Launched in March of 1987, the EOS brand and EF mount interchangeable lenses were the world’s first fully electronic lens mount camera system and represented a huge seed change in autofocus-driven film cameras.

The digital revolution continued in September of 2003 with the advent of the EOS Digital Rebel/300D/Kiss digital camera.

And while Nikon can claim the mantel of being the first camera maker to add digital video recording to an SLR, Canon’s biggest came with the EOS 5D Mk. II, the company’s first digital camera that could record 1080p video.

The milestone was celebrated with the creation of Vince LaFloret’s stunning film “Reverie,” which showed content creators that a digital SLR could be s serious tool for filmmaking.

The EF mount lenses offered faster focusing than the competition and revolutionized photography through autofocus systems.

The lenses would steadily improve over the years, as Canon introduced features such as image stabilization, Raw video support, and dual-pixel autofocusing technology.

Other innovations came along including ultrasonic USM focusing motors, multilayered diffractive Optical lens elements, and eventually in-body image stabilization.

Canon has also made a complete transition to the mirrorless RF mount platform through their EOS R series of full-frame mirrorless cameras and compact mirrorless RF lens designs. To date, Canon has over 115 RF lens models in their product catalog.

In spite of the impact of digital camera technology in cellphones, which all but decimated the point-and-shoot market, Canon continues to grow its interchangeable lens market with innovations that keep professionals and consumer hobbyists looking for the next big thing.

As time moves on, Canon continues to innovate and perfect the digital camera platform, competing with others for the lion’s share of the digital camera market.

The word on the street is, that the long-awaited EOS R1 full frame 8K mirrorless camera will soon be released and will become the company’s crown jewel in their digital camera crown.

So while intense competition drives innovation, the future looks bright as Canon sets its sights on reaching 200 million cameras made.

And when they reach that milestone, it’s anyone’s guess what the camera will be. But it’s sure to be one content creators will be looking to upgrade to.

[source: Canon USA]

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