The Quick Precision Tripod Head Redefines The Classic Video Mount

The Quick Precision Tripod Head takes the best parts of a three-way, ball, and other tripod-based mounting platforms to create a fast and easy-to-adjust tripod head.

By taking the strong points from each head design, the creators have crafted what they say is a precision and quick-adjusting tripod head for lining up the perfect shot.

Image Credit – Arnt Inge Hodne

Providing minute adjustments across any of the three axes, the Quick Precision Tripod can keep multiple axes steady and unmoved, while a third gets the proper adjustment.

Normally, when adjusting a traditional ball head, any movement of one axis will cause the other two to fall out of adjustment simply because the ball head has been loosened.

Conversely, the three-way head offers proper adjustability, but the standard pivot point is so far from the camera, that it can create an unwanted parallax that throws off the shot. The Tilt and Roll can also cause movement while adjusting the angle.

Image Credit – Arnt Inge Hodne

However, the Quick Precision Tripod Head provides minute control that addresses both of these shortcomings. The head is mounted on sturdy circular metal rails which can be swung up and down or side to side, and each axis can be independently unlocked for adjustment.

Users can adjust with a decent range of motion from full left to full right, as well as tilting all the way forward or back to provide the necessary angles, then spin the dials on the spine to lock the axis back down.

Image Credit – Arnt Inge Hodne

While the Quick Precision Tripod Head has the standard 1/4″ camera mount and 3/8″ tripod mount, there is no word on how much of a payload it can manage.

It’s important to note that the simple point-and-shoot Sony RX100 camera is exclusively used for sample images and video footage. This leads the trained eye to conclude that the unique design isn’t for heavier cameras like DSLRs or mirrorless designs.

“We have chosen to make the first version for small cameras and mobile phones as this will allow the tripod head to be used by a large number of people,” stated creator Arnt Inge Hodne.

Therefore, while the tripod design isn’t beneficial for serious photographers or videographers, it could be an interesting and affordable alternative for mobile content creators always on the lookout for new and interesting ways to grab a shot for social media.

Price and Availability:

Currently, in the crowdfunding stage, the Quick Precision Tripod Head is available backed on Kickstarter for a price of around $60 USD, with the First 100 pledge receiving a free mobile phone adapter.

However, with 29 days to go, the campaign has only garnered a little over 10% of its total goal. Production is slated to begin in October, with delivery coming in early 2024.

[source: DIYP]

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