RØDE Announces Wireless Pro-grade Microphone System

One of the chief complaints against the RØDE Wireless Me microphone was that it didn’t offer on-board recording or an LCD screen indicating levels for more precise audio control.

However, being a budget version of RØDE’s successful Wireless Go microphone system, it wasn’t designed to. Now RØDE has announced a professional-grade version that has these features, and a lot more.

“In 2019, RØDE was the first company to create a compact and easy-to-use workflow that forever changed the way creators capture audio for their content,” says RØDE CEO Damien Wilson.

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“The Wireless GO II took this even further, adding incredible new features. Today, we take this iconic microphone a step further once again with the Wireless PRO.”

Image Credit – RØDE

Professional Grade Performance

Designed for professional video and audio recording, the RØDE Wireless Pro offers 32-bit floating on-board recording with 128-bit encrypted 2.4 GHz digital transmission with universal compatibility with cameras, smartphones, and computers.

There is also support for a locking 3.5mm lavalier for situations where seeing the device in the shot is not an option.

The Wireless Pro also provides advanced time code sync capability to easily sync up recorded audio in the post-production workflow.

An internal time code generator allows post-production workflows to seamlessly synchronize audio on a computer or smartphone using RØDE Central, with flexible configuration options to suit any recording setup.

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Intelligent Gain Assist

RØDE has also incorporated its patented Gain Assist technology first introduced with the Wireless ME.

This technology utilizes a series of algorithms to control audio levels on the fly, protecting against hot levels and popping, thereby providing smooth and balanced audio.

There is also onboard level control with a 30 dB range, as well as pre-configured camera presets for quick and easy setup.

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The Wireless Pro receiver serves as a “narrator” microphone and is able to record up to three audio channels simultaneously, plus a safety channel that outputs audio 10 dB lower in case the signal is too hot and clips to the camera.

Each transmitter also comes with up to 32GB of onboard storage and can capture over 40 hours of backup recordings, just in case.

RØDE has also provided a pair of their MagClip Go magnetic clips, which can connect the Wireless Pro receiver to a cold shoe on camera, or magnetically to any other metal surface. The MagClip GO clips also allow for flexible mounting options on talent.

Battery Life options

Each RØDE Wireless Pro transmitter and receiver is powered by 42000 mAh lithium-ion batteries for up to 7 hours of operating.

The device can also be recharged in two and a half hours through the included smart charging carrying case extending the Wireless Pro up to 21 hours of on-location performance. The Wireless Pro also supports plugin power to expand battery life even further during long shoots.

The smart charging case also facilitates ultra-fast data transfer quickly exporting on-board recordings to a computer in the studio or in the field.

As the first to launch a wireless microphone system in such a compact and mobile form, RØDE continues to push the envelope with innovation, expanding the technology with features that content creators have long desired without compromising the professional audio quality, or the manageable price point that brings them to the table.

Image Credit – RØDE

Pricing and availability

The RØDE Wireless Pro wireless microphone system is available now for a retail price of $399 and comes with a complete accessory kit that includes the two transmitters, a receiver/narrator, a smart charge carrying case, two Lavalier II microphones, MagClip GO magnetic clips, three furry dead cat windshields for recording in windy conditions, and all necessary cables for connecting to cameras, phones, and other devices.

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