7 Must-Know AI Features in DaVinci Resolve 18.6

Artificial intelligence is the hot new feature in a ton of software updates, especially in creative applications. You can have AI tools write a script or create artwork or even help plan your day.

You can even benefit from AI in your favorite NLE – including DaVinci Resolve Studio. Now up to version 18.6, Resolve has a ton of AI-based tools that can help you edit.

The Neural Engine isn’t meant to take editing away from editors, it is meant to offer tools that work faster and better and make your work a bit easier. It’s worth trying out.

If you want to know more, Joris Hermans highlights seven cool AI features.

Blackmagic refers to this new AI-powered toolset as the Neural Engine. This is simply a new term for the underlying tech that drives the functions. It also is limited to the paid Resolve Studio upgrade.

1. Face Recognition

Generally, these tools are hoping to make repetitive and complex tasks much simpler. Face recognition is going to help you with one of those repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

This will automatically go through your clips and find and sort your footage by who is in the footage.

Just go to your clip library, select all the clips you want to organize, right-click, and select Analyze Clips for People. It’ll then give you clips sorted by people. You can name the groups and people to make it easier to refer to later.

That information is now saved to the metadata so you can now make smart bins based on this information. Have them set up automatically and now you can easily go find all clips with a specific person.

DaVinci Resolve 18 Edit Page

Image Credit: Blackmagic Design

2. Object Removal

Get rid of pesky objects in your clips without the tedium with the new object removal tool. Just create a window over what you want to remove and then perform some tracking.

Add another node and apply the Object Removal effect. Connect the blue input/output on the node tree. Hit scene analysis in the effect controls and then select built clean plate.

Assuming it isn’t an incredibly complex clip then it should just take out whatever you selected.

3. Smart Reframe

Nowadays creators are asked to produce both horizontal and vertical videos. Often it saves time to try and make these from the same clips/edit. You will still need to go in and manually reframe to make it work.

Smart Reframe will now automatically keep your subject in the frame. So, if you want to just see your horizontal footage for a vertical edit then this will do the work of tracking your subject and setting up all that key framing.

DaVinci Resolve 18.5 Subtitles

Image Credit: Blackmagic Design

4. Voice Isolation

Noise removal and background noise cleanup for audio is an important task that can be annoying to do.

The new noise removal tool will just do it for you. In the extreme test example, it does a shockingly good job. For getting rid of background hum or car noise this will be a huge time saver.

5. Scene Cut Detection

Sometimes you might have a complete already edited video you need to pull some footage from. Usually, this means bringing the entire video into Resolve and adding cuts or in/out points manually at the transition points of each cut in the original video.

Or, you can just use the detect scene cuts tool and Resolve will add all those cuts back for you.

Image Credit: Blackmagic Design

6. Depth Map

A more advanced tool is the depth map. It will analyze the footage and determine where in the scene the actual objects are.

It can tell where the subject is compared to the background or an object in the foreground. Simply apply this effect to a node and adjust the settings until it gets your footage selected.

How is this useful?

Well, you can use it to select a portion or a scene or a subject to have a grade or effect impact or not affect. It is a fancier masking option.

7. Face Refinement

We can all use a little help with touching up our appearance. This can be incredibly tedious work.

Resolve’s face refinement tool will automatically find the face and identify the different areas of the face.

This allows you to more easily do things like brighten the eyes or smooth skin out. No need for individual masks and tracking.

Have you had a chance to use any of these new AI tools in Resolve? What do you think of them?

[source: Joris Hermans]

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